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Crystal Waters is a minor character in Resident Evil: Afterlife.



Once an aspiring actress, Crystal was a survivor of the Global T-Virus pandemic infection who took refuge in the Citadel Correctional Facility along with several other survivors, namely Bennett, Kim Yong, Luther West, Wendell, Angel Ortiz, and Chris Redfield. Crystal served as the cook to the other survivors and was one of the more upbeat survivors, perhaps implying that she had become used to disappointment in life. Like the rest of the survivors, she had a strong disliking towards Bennett.

When Alice and Claire Redfield arrived, she was quick to introduce herself, assuming that Alice and Claire were part of a rescue team sent by the Arcadia. When it was discovered that the Undead had found a way into the prison by burrowing through the sewers, she agreed with Alice's idea to release Chris Redfield from imprisonment, particularly out of spite towards Bennett, who attempted to persuade her to disagree with the plan.

After declaring she was a champion swimmer back in high school, she joined Alice and Chris on the mission to retrieve weapons from the prison's armory, which was submerged underwater. The three of them reached the armory successfully, but before they could move forward, Crystal was attacked by one of the Majini Undead outside of the armory, which latched onto her and dragged her underwater. While her death was off-screen, the pool is then fills with blood and Crystal is presumed dead.

Skills and abilities

Crystal is a champion swimmer when she was younger, and still carries that passion. She is able to navigate through the murky waters and hold her breath for a time. Aside from swimming, Crystal is also a decent cook, and she is the Citadel's cook and Luther states that "she's good at what she does."

Appearance and wardrobe

Crystal wears a blue strap shirt and black jeans.

Further Notes

  • In the script for Afterlife, the journey to the armory is slightly altered; Once Alice, Chris, and Crystal resurface on the armory's level, Crystal volunteers to go ahead to see how much further they have to go before reaching the armory. Alone, Crystal assumes the noise behind her is Alice and Chris joining her, only to be confronted by one of the Undead. Later, Alice discovers Crystal's glow-stick floating in the water and pulls it up. It is revealed that Crystal has been torn apart by the Undead; nothing except her head and one hand (floating in the water) remain.[1]



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