The Zealots

The "cultists" were the monastic order of Los Iluminados. They conducted their worship within Ramon Salazar's family castle. In keeping with their monasticism, they dressed in robes bearing the Plaga symbol, Los Iluminados' insignia. Their name is likely a mere descriptor, it should be noted, and they may not have been referred to as "cultists" by other followers.


Unlike other hosts of Las Plagas, the cultists exhibited unusually pale skin. All were bald, either the result of the Plaga or from shaving. Ritualistic tattooing was commonplace.

There were variations in the cultists' robes, which may have been an indicator of rank or status. The black cultists appear to have been lower members of the order. The purple-clad cultists were known to wear goat skulls as masks. Those in red robes appear to have been the leaders, having decorated themselves with skulls and amulets. As those with red robes were seen by Leon S. Kennedy to have hosted 'C'-stage Plagas, with lower ranks hosting 'B'-stage Plagas, it appears the red cultists were parasitized first.


The player can obtain Bottlecaps modeled after the various cultists. There are four of them and are all regular prizes that can be won when playing Game C. Their names are displayed as "Zealot w/ Scythe", "Zealot w/ Shield", "Zealot w/ Bowgun", and "Leader Zealot". Their sound effects are a variety of chants heard throughout the game.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DEdit

Cultists appear as the sole standard-enemy characters from Resident Evil 4. They are the only standard enemies that appear in the Village levels, although they can also be found in maps like the Old Castle, Public Assembly (likewise, Majini appear in the Old Castle on some missions), the second boss fight (Mission 5-5), and both Survival missions (Missions 4-5 and EX-9). Rarely, they will fight alongside Majini. Cultists have a much more limited weapon set than Majini, lacking Stun Rods, grenades, body armor (aside from masks) and their wooden shields can be broken through (the Cultist arsenal is the same as in Resident Evil 4, although the flail was replaced by a standard mace). However, they make up for this with significantly higher resiliency. They also have a tendency to reveal Cephalo. When decapitated, they show signs of Type 2 Plaga as they reuse the Majini animations.


  • "¡Allí está!" - "There he is!"
  • "Cerebros, cerebros..." - "Brains, brains..."
  • "Cógedlo, cógedlo..." - "Get him, get him..."
  • "¡Mátalo!" - "Kill him!"
  • "Morir es vivir." - "To die is to live."
  • "Muere, muere..." - "Die, die..."
  • "¡No dejes que escape de la isla vivo!" - "Don't let him escape from the island alive!"
  • "¡Que sí, quiero matar!" - "Ah, yes, I want to kill!"
  • "¡Quiero su cabeza!" - "I want his head!"
  • "¡Ya es hora de asplastar!" - "It's time to crush!" -- ("asplastar" is actually a misspelling of "aplastar")

Further notesEdit

  • If you shoot the hood-less ones in the head, their heads are most likely to hang there and a parasite will appear.
  • In Chapter 4-1, if you kill a cultist that is patrolling the tower with the jammed gears in it, you will notice that the top part of his cloak disappears.
  • A number of drafts were proposed, but the goat skull mask was chosen as a suitable enemy skin due to its relations to black magic.[1][excerpt 1]



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