Curiosity (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


After Steve reaches the elevator, he calls up on Claire to follow him. After a comment about his took care of the zombies, he throws in a comment that she can depends on him and that his guns are more reliable than any person. Claire didn't accept his comment and starts to question what he was doing in this prison and about his family, Steve (in a burst of anger) tells her to shut up for not wanting to talk about it and starts shooting randomly. After calming down a bit, he continues towards the elevator.


If Steve defeated 6 or more and 8 or less zombies.
Steve Burnside: It was dirty work. But this area is now clean!

If Steve defeated 4 or more and 5 or less zombies.
Steve: Hey Claire! I made it to clear a path for you. It should be safe now. Well What do you think of my work?

If Steve defeated 2 or more and 3 or less zombies.
Steve: They weren't even worth _____ the ammo needed to kill them.
 I've been waiting for you milady.

If Steve defeated 0 or more and 1 or less zombie.
Steve: Check it out! I pulled through without a scratch. I even saved ammo for future use. Come on! I would have killed more but I thought that you needed a workout.

The same scripts as after.

See, you can depend on me... You see, this thing is more reliable than any person.

Claire Redfield: Than people...?
Steve...what were you doing here? Who brought you here? And where is your family?

Steve: Shut up! I don't want to talk about it!

Claire: Steve...

Steve: Nevermind... Let's get going!

Steve Burnside: ひでぇ所だったけど、ばっちり きれいにしといたぜ! ざっと こんなもんだ。

Steve: クレア! どんなもんだい。もう大丈夫だぜ。どうだい、俺の実力は?

Steve: こんな奴らじゃあ、弾がもったいねぇぜ! 待ったぜ、お姉様。

Steve: どうだい、倒すまでもねぇぜ! クレア、通れるから平気だぜ、来いよ!もっと倒せたんだが、あんたも戦いたいと思ってね


Steve: やっぱ 人間なんかより、こいつの方が頼りになるぜ。

Claire Redfield: 人間より?
スティーブ! なぜ ここへ連れて来られたの? 家族は…両親はどこにいるの?

Steve: うるせぇ! 余計なこと聞くな!

Claire: スティーブ。

Steve: 気にすんな。 行こうぜ!


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