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"In a moment, I'll reveal the irrefutable truth in my own personal way. And all of you will be the very first witnesses!"
— Curtis, during his transformation

Curtis Miller (c.1970-2005) was an American doctor and bioterrorist. Having lost his family in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Miller's protests against corruption in the pharmaceutical industry led to his ostracisation and subsequent radicalisation. In 2005 he played a significant role in the Harvardville bioterror incident and was killed during an attack on WP Corporation's Air Dome Laboratory.


Early life[]

Miller was raised in Harvardville, a mountain town in the Midwest, and studied to become a doctor. By the 1990s he had gotten married and had a child; both perished during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[2] He returned to live in Harvardville and remained alone while his sister, Angela, joined the local police force. Miller was briefly a member of TerraSave, and was part of the protest against the 2002 Congressional stimulus budget which constructed a BSL-4 vaccine research facility for WP Corporation, dubbed the "Air Dome Laboratory". Believing WP Corporation to be no different from Umbrella Corporation, Miller's actions proved more extreme than others. Concerned by their refusal to divulge the purpose of the facility, he began his own campaign of harassment designed to force the company to abandon their construction plans, and TerraSave was soon forced to dismiss him to avoid being dragged into a legal battle.[3][4]


Over the next three years, Miller's mental health declined, and he became increasingly ostracized from the other residents of Harvardville, developing a reputation as a drunkard who would start fights regularly. Further, because of the increasing control WP Corporation had on the city's economy, it was unwise for sympathetic residents to engage with him.[3] In mid-2005, TerraSave obtained incriminating photographs linking WP Corporation to vaccine research in India and renewed their campaign against the company. Around the same time, a link was established between Miller and Dr. Frederic Downing. Downing, a senior WP researcher, was secretly involved in the sale of black-market bioweapons and was planning to trigger a t-Virus outbreak in Harvardville, which would serve as a well-publicized demonstration of its viability as a weapon. Further, he planned to fake his death in an attack on the Air Dome Laboratory which would destroy all the t-virus vaccine samples and data, save for those in his possession, and eliminate all personnel who could replicate the data, or who could have served as witnesses to anything tying him to the attacks. This was all done as part of a plan to boost the sale price of the data and samples to his buyer.[2]

Downing planned for Miller to be a fall-guy, recruiting him into the conspiracy by revealing the truth behind the Raccoon City cover-up to ensure his commitment to the cause. For some time, Miller moved around the country, remaining off-the-grid by avoiding contact with his sister and signing documents with fake names. In October he met with a contact at the Savoy Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, having posed as a travelled from St. Louis, Missouri.[3]

Terrorism and death[]

Curtis 1st transformation

Curtis during first transformation

A date in mid-November was selected for the attacks, designed to maximize shock-and-awe. The National Pharmaceutical Conference was set to take place at a venue in the Harvardville Airport, which would bring in CEOs and government officials. A TerraSave demonstration was set to take place outside the terminal, increasing the media presence.[4]

On the day of the attacks, Miller sent an anonymous letter to the US government, declaring the attack to be in protest of the government coverup of Raccoon City, threatening further attacks in cities across the United States if President Graham failed to disclose classified information regarding the outbreak.[4] Entering the airport terminal, Miller infected several individuals with t-Virus in a high viral load. The victims succumbed to Cannibal Disease quickly, and began attacking others in the terminal, including seriously wounding a journalist live on television. Satisfied in the attack, Miller escaped before the terminal could be locked-down.[2] During the escape, he was identified by TerraSave activist Claire Redfield, and was made a suspect in the investigation. He may have been involved in the rigging of a car bomb outside the airport, though it is also possible this was conducted by Downing himself. By the evening, Miller had returned home, where he set it alight.

In the night, Miller made his way into the Air Dome Laboratory, setting fire to a number of buildings on the way to keep the emergency services distracted. With Downing's help, he was able to enter the premises without the police being alerted and met with him in the lab. During the meeting, Miller found that the situation had changed. Rather than being given more samples of t-Virus to further the plot as planned, he instead found Downing preparing a bomb to destroy the laboratory. Not aware of Downing's true reasoning, Miller was admonished for his moral stance against releasing the virus in Harvardville before being abandoned by Dowing, but not before he was provided with a sample of G-Virus to use on himself. Miller had incorrectly believed that Dowing had decided to abandon him because of his reluctance to infect Havardville; and that G-Virus he was given by Dowing was a way for him to perform a final form of protest in their plan against the government since he would not go along with the original. In truth though Dowing had seen Miller's reluctance as an end to his usefulness and decided to secretly use him as subject to gather combat data on the G-virus. Leaving their meeting, Downing set the cameras in the Air Dome to record Miller's mutation and send the video to his laptop. He then activated the bomb's timer and exited the building; before using a nearby facility phone to call Redfield who, from his office, spotted Miller entering the center garden while he warned her of his supposed discovery of a timebomb set by a terrorist he had seen and followed just as said bomb detonated. Having correctly determined the facility was the next attack site, a Ranger squad was sent out to deal with Miller and any outbreak that was occurring. Also arriving just before the squad was US-STRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy, who brought Miller's sister Angela along to persuade him to surrender.[2]

Second curtis

Curtis in second transformation

Having already been wounded in the bombing, Miller infected himself with G-Virus, which he saw as a final protest to expose the truth of Raccoon City and began mutating out of control in the facility's garden. Pre-emptively, the Ranger squad shot Miller repeatedly, determining he was beyond reasoning with. Due to his mutations, however, Miller survived and was able to kill several Rangers within seconds due to his enhanced strength before being temporally incapacitated by a falling piece of scaffolding by Leon. Miller's viral presence was detected by the facility's state-of-the-art security system, which began showering the garden with alcohol in preparation to sterilize the building by incineration. As the survivors evacuated, Miller fully mutated and climbed up the walls, where he destroyed an elevator carrying several Rangers safety, and sent them failing to their deaths, much to the horror of Angela. Returning to the ground, Miller focused his attention to Angela, only barely recognizing her as a family and made attempts to impregnate her. Miller and Kennedy were able to escape the garden just as the room was incinerated.[2]

Having survived the interaction, the security system escalated matters to its most extreme method of sterilization and began lowering building blocks sequentially into a chasm to be incinerated. Miller fought his sister and Kennedy on the roof of one of these buildings as they were lowered, trying to stop them escaping. Although able to cut-off Angela, Miller was able to temporarily resist the G-virus and warned her to flee before returning to his animalistic behavior. In his final moments, Miller grabbed hold of Angela while climbing to safety; he was subsequently shot in the head and fell down the chasm into the flames. The entire fight was carefully recorded by the facility's security cameras, which were transmitting the footage to an outside computer to serve as combat data.[2]

In the aftermath of the incident, Miller's remains were recovered by Tricell.[2]

Further notes[]

  • His right eye, which is shadowed in his first form, is completely replaced by the eye growth on his right shoulder after his second transformation.
  • The DVD features erroneously states Curtis had a son, but the picture of his family only shows he had a daughter.




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