"44AUTOにロングバレルを装着し更に破壊力が向上 作動不良の心配も無く安定した射撃が可能になった "
— Item examination - Japanese
"Installing a longer barrel to the .44 auto and also increasing its destructive power made it a very stable firearm without even having to worry about hindering its functionality."
— Item examination - unofficial translation

The Custom Magnum (カスタムマグナム kasutamu-magunamu?) is a weapon which was intended to appear in Resident Evil 0 during its GameCube stage of development but was removed in the final release. You can get it in the Biohazard 0 TRIAL EDITION with the help of cheat devices such as Action Replay MAX or GameShark; however, it does nothing and lacks a 3d model as well.

It is very likely that the Magnum Parts was supposed to be combined with the Magnum to create this item.

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