In Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries minigame, HUNK has a TMP of unique design called the Custom TMP. It is identifiable by the folding stock mounted directly to the lower receiver as opposed to being removable like the standard TMP's stock.

Unlike the traditional TMP; This model has a few alterations to it, hence the name Custom TMP. The barrel length is shorter and there is no threaded barrel, making the weapons flush and more compact. The foregrip is slightly different, and the laser sight is connected to the side of the weapon, rather than underneath it in conjunction to the foregrip.

The Custom TMP takes up 4x2 spaces of inventory. It's larger than the standard TMP (3x2 spaces), but still occupies less space compared to using it with the removable stock, which would take extra 2x2 in inventory.

HUNK aims from the shoulder when compared to the standard stockless TMP, allowing for better accuracy and precision over distance.

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Firing Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The given stats at the given level are identical to the TMP's stats at those levels.

Firepower Firing Speed Reload Speed Capacity
(Lv: 5/6) 1.0 (Lv: 1/1) 0.10 (Lv: 3/3) 1.17 (Lv: 3/6) 100


"A compact tactical machine pistol that fires 9mm rounds."


  • Since HUNK benefits from chaining combos on Ganados with single shots to the head for his neckbreaker attack, players should focus on making quick shots to disable single targets. Alternatively it is an effective weapon for taking down larger foes who cannot be neckbroken with sustained fire. It is wise to check HUNK's inventory when between repeated reloads to see how much total ammunition you have.




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