Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Cyst is a hazard encountered in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Cysts are large smears of t-Phobos-impregnated tissue. Too incomplete to generate a complete organism, they have developed into a slime-mold-like necrotic tumor. Reacting to the warmth of an approaching body by swelling up and exploding in a spray of corrosive slime, similarly to a Sploder.[citation needed]


In Claire's Episodes, certain Afflicted have large tumors on their heads. Doing any damage to the tumor will instantly kill the Afflicted but also cause three pus lumps to spurt out. If any of these land on the floor, they become a Cyst. Cysts are also encountered already spawned.

When the player gets too close to them or does any damage to them, they will swell up and then explode in the similar manner as a Sploder. This results in players who are too close being knocked down, blinded and taking a high amount of damage. The explosion can also hurt other enemies.

Cysts are slower to react the player's presence in Claire's Episodes and Extra Episode: The Struggle than in Barry's Episodes.

Focusing Moira's Flashlight on them will make them dissolve and disappear rather than explode. If the player does not dissolve/explode a cyst in Claire's Episode, then they will be present in the same place in Barry's Episodes.

In Raid Mode, Cysts never count towards the enemy counter. They never have skills and drop only a small amount of Exp and Gold.

Physical attack usable? No
Stealth attack usable? No
Follow-up attack usable? No
Reaction to Smokescreen Bottles
Follows Decoy Bottles? No
Affected by Flashlight? Dissolves
Countdown bonus
Record Title Clear condition Reward
Packing a Punch Defeat 200 enemies using the Assault Rifle. Cyst Figurine



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