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"It only takes one bullet to bring an enemy down, but with knowledge, you can defeat all evil."
— D.C. to Rebecca Chambers.

D.C. was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and was the leader of the elite Silver Dagger with BSAA Operative Chris Redfield part of the squad.[1]


Before joining the BSAA, D.C. was a member of the U.S. Special Forces alongside Damian. Because of this, D.C. is an accomplished pilot of multiple military aircraft and has shown strong leadership traits as well as talent in computer hacking. D.C was eventually selected as the leader of the Silver Dagger, an elite squad under the BSAA organization. D.C. also enjoys classical literature and encyclopedic texts, as he typically is shown to bring a hardcover book with him on missions to read during travel time and will even quote famous authors along the likes of Francis Bacon.

Outside of work, it appears D.C. remained close friends with Damian, as they were known to constantly talk about their favorite television series, Breaking Bad. Additionally, he formed a family with his wife but is later divorced sometime later and becomes desponded whenever the topic is brought up.

During the New York bioterrorist attack, he along with Nadia help blowing up the A-GUA trucks to prevent any more infection spreading. Shortly after, he aids Chris and Leon Kennedy of their battle with the mutated Glenn Arias with the help of Nadia, who greatly wounds him with a rail rifle. He temporarily loses control when Arias attacks the tiltrotor he was flying with his claws but manages to stay in the air long enough for Redfield to kill Arias.

In the aftermath of the battle, he helps spreading the cure of the Animality Virus to the rest of the remaining infected citizens of New York City with his aircraft.

Further Notes[]

D.C. was named after the Japanese actor Dante Carver. He was also in charge of motion capture actor for D.C. on Vendetta movie.



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