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"It only takes one bullet to bring an enemy down, but with knowledge, you can defeat all evil."
— D.C. to Rebecca Chambers.

D.C. was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and was a member of the elite Silver Dagger unit under Captain Chris Redfield.


Before joining the BSAA, D.C. was a member of the U.S. Special Forces alongside Damian. Because of this, D.C. is an accomplished pilot on multiple military aircrafts and has shown strong leadership traits.

D.C. also enjoys classical literature and encyclopedic texts, as he typically is shown to bring a hardcover book with him on missions to read during travel time and will even quote famous authors along the likes of Francis Bacon.

Outside of work, it appears D.C. remained close friends with Damian, as they were known to constantly talk about their favorite television series, Breaking Bad.

Further Notes

Although unconfirmed, D.C.'s name is speculated to be a homage to the American voice actor D.C. Douglas, who has provided the English dubbing of Albert Wesker since 2007.