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D.I.J. is a minor "character" who appears in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica as a joke character, of sorts, having somehow written the 14-page diary found in a slot machine in Battle Game.


D.I.J.'s diary describes several key events in the game, as witnessed by this mysterious character. If the player pay close attention during these events, it becomes apparent that D.I.J. is actually a rodent. The most obvious evidence of this is when Claire opens up a locker at the Antarctica Facility and it jumps out. Claire and this event are described in detail in the diary.

D.I.J. witnessed the following:

  • Redfield being taken to her prison cell.
  • Wesker's soldiers attacking the island.
  • Alfred attacking Claire.
  • Wesker and Claire's meeting.
  • The end of Rockfort Island.
  • The transport that landed before them, "spilling tons of the t-Virus, turning everything alive into zombies."
  • D.I.J. getting trapped in a locker and being released by Claire.
  • Wesker taking Claire outside.
  • Chris chasing after them.
  • The fight between Wesker and Chris.

After all this, D.I.J. escaped the base, leaving "a world of death... and into a world where desire and power ruled."


D.I.J. appears six times in the game. Its initial appearance was in the military camp. When Claire walks down the hallway just before her first encounter with a Bandersnatch, Alfred activates a shutter to lock her escape; D.I.J. can be seen scurrying underneath before the shutter door closes completely. When Claire visits the infirmary, D.I.J. is hiding inside the cabinet. When Wesker receives a message after knocking Claire to the ground, D.I.J. is hiding behind a large vase. Witnessing the battle with the Tyrant on the plane, D.I.J. is on the top shelf in view of the door (to the player). Moving into the Antarctic Base, D.I.J. is inside a locker, jumping out when Claire opens it. When Claire is temporarily captured by Wesker in "X", D.I.J. can be seen looking on from behind the cell bars. D.I.J.'s final appearance is near Wesker's escape submarine; as he mentions the retrieval of Steve, the view cuts to an observation of the three from the submarine; D.I.J. scurries over the bridge just before it cuts back to Wesker.[1]



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