"By stabbing this dagger you'll be able to protect yourself and escape from hostile situations."
— Item examination

Dagger is a Defense Item which appears in 2002's Resident Evil.


As a Defense Item, can be used to escape from the grab of a Zombie, Crimson Head, Hunter and Cerberus and the Tyrant ; depending

Chris using the dagger to escape from a zombie.

on the output and difficulty can be used automatically or manually. Daggers can only be used once per grab, meaning the play will use another one in other to escape from another grab attack. The only way to retrieve the used Dagger is to perform a critical hit on the enemy by having a Shotgun, Magnum or the Special Handgun. 


Depending on the difficulty level Easy, Normal, Hard and Real Survival, the amount of Daggers found in game would be lower (by in easy and normal finding more than 10 and in Hard and Real survivor around 7).

Further notes

  • In the Real Survival mode, if a player doesn't use the dagger (or another Defense Item) when the T-002 grabs them, it will thrust its huge claw in their abdomen area, killing them instantly.



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