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Dahlia (code: D-002) was a girl who was genetically engineered by The Connections as a prototype of their D-Type bioweapon series. A clone of Miranda's daughter, Eva, she was created through infecting her as an embryo with a modified Mold and rapidly-aging her to reach the appearance of a ten-year-old girl to suit her function for infiltration.

Dahlia died only 319 days old, her body having deteriorated in her short months of life.[1] Her body itself was likely destroyed, though the arm was preserved. When the BSAA began hunting down The Connections and their new E-Type prototype, Eveline, the arm was transported on the Annabelle. When the Annabelle ran aground in Louisiana after a hurricane, it was recovered and presented to Marguerite Baker by Eveline, who became obsessed with her arm and hid the body in the Bakers' old house.[2] By 2017 a doll was created sharing Dahlia's appearance in which the arm was connected. Zoe Baker was aware of the arm her mother was protecting, and sent out Ethan Winters to it from the doll so it could be used as a source of genetic material for synthesis of the serum.