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Daily Raccoon is a file that can be found in the "end of the road" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


This file can be found in the Umbrella R&D Center's Maintenance Room as a physical item, referred to as "NEWSPAPER 2".


April 2, 1998
High Levels of Toxins in Local Water
According to a local environmental group, recent tests of the municipal water system and local streams have revealed shockingly high levels of dangerous toxins.

A significant increase in the level of contamination over the last year or so has prompted many to demand a thorough investigation into local environmental protection laws.






The file is noticeably different in the original script from the title downwards. For instance, the title and first paragraph in the localization suggests that the drinking water has been contaminated. The original script instead refers to the sewers containing high concentrations of a hazardous substance.

The next paragraph skips a mention that the sewers' water quality is assessed every six months, though the rapid increase in the water's deterioration is still described.

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