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Damian was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and was a member of the elite Silver Dagger unit under Captain Chris Redfield. In both the film and its novelization, he is killed during the New York outbreak.


Damian was in the U.S. Special Forces alongside D.C. and shares much of his background with him.[1] Outside of work, it appeared Damian remained close friends with D.C, as they were known to constantly talk about their favourite television series, Breaking Bad. Being described as a natural-born soldier and hunter, Damian couldn't imagine his life without battling conflict. Despite his hardened appearance, his character was quite sarcastic and sensitive. Additionally, he has hobby of hunting and owns a lodge somewhere in Canada.

After the 2012-2013 Global Bioterrorist Attacks, Chris leads the Silver Daggers, comprised of Nadia, D.C. and Damian to a University in Chicago, Illinois to recover Professor Rebecca Chambers. The University had been subjected to a Bioterror attack and the Team manage to locate Rebecca, with Damian assisting in taking down zombies.

He along with the squad flown out to Colorado upon learning Animality Virus's genome is similar to the Plaga in search of Leon Scott Kennedy. Upon the abduction of Chambers and learning the information left behind with her laptop, the team decides to split into two separate groups with him pairing with Redfield and Kennedy in destroying the A-GUA trucks when learning that the virus is killed when at a high temperature. During these attacks, Arias' agents had taken notice of but are quickly taken out by the group. When approaching the white van left behind by the agents, Damian is quickly attacked and decapitated by Zombie Dogs. Kennedy quickly distracts them with the bike, leaving Redfield to mourn the loss of his comrade.


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