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"Something attacked us... Irving... He got away... It was a setup..."
— DeChant to Chris, shortly before his death.

Captain Dan DeChant (ダン・デチャント dan dechanto?) was a US serviceman and BSAA SOU operator. Committed to fighting terrorism in West Africa,[3] DeChant was senior officer in the regional branch and was known for being one of the oldest operators in the organisation. DeChant was killed in action in 2009 during a counterterrorism operation in Kijuju.


DeChant served as an NCO in the United States Army, though while considered exemplary he gained employment at a private military company at the conclusion of his tour and moved to Africa.[4] In the mid-2000s, the War on Terror escalated with the availability of bioweapons on the black market, with unstable African states being used as a testbed for prototype weapons. This escalation led to DeChant volunteering for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, which had recently been expanded under UN oversight and had an autonomous branch responding to terrorism in West Africa.[5][excerpt 1]


"Captain DeChant here. We secured the underground route to the coordinates."

In February 2009, BSAA West Africa HQ obtained sufficient evidence that a suspected arms dealer, Ricardo Irving, was conducting business in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, selling modified Plaga parasites to an Islamist terrorist group. The mission plan was drawn up, with DeChant leading Alpha Team in ambushing Irving at the warehouse, with Bravo Team taking side streets on foot.[6]

Unbeknownst to the BSAA at the time, they had suffered a serious security breach at the hands of Tricell, the bioweapons developer supplying Irving's products. Through their spy, M. Suzuki, the entire mission was exposed, and plans were drawn up to counter them. The mission began as expected on the afternoon of Thursday 5 March, with Alpha Team driving a Gambit rapidly through the streets of Kijuju, locking themselves into the warehouse to avoid being spotted from the outside.[7] A laptop belonging to Irving was found at the warehouse, which DeChant confirmed had data regarding the sales. Rather than ambush Irving at the middle of a deal, however, DeChant and his team were themselves ambushed by an Uroboros creature. Despite their best efforts, the team were quickly destroyed, with DeChant himself dying from his wounds as Irving left the warehouse.[8]




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