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[[pt-br:Dan DeChant]]
[[pt-br:Dan DeChant]]
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[[Category:2009 deaths]]
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[[Category:Resident Evil 5 characters]]
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[[Category:BSAA members]]

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"Captain DeChant here. We secured the underground route to the coordinates."

Captain Dan DeChant was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and was at one point the leader of it's West Africa branch's Alpha Team.[2] DeChant was killed in March 2009 during the BSAA's mission in Kijuju.


DeChant served in the United States Army and joined a private security contractor in Africa. There, he became aware about the risks that bioterrorism posed to the continent first hand. This experience led to him joining the BSAA's West African branch.[3][excerpt 1]

In 2009, Dan Dechant's Alpha Team arrived in Kijuju as support for a BSAA member named Chris Redfield and are tasked with meeting with Ricardo Irving, a weapons dealer. The meeting did not go as planned when Irving released a B.O.W. to kill them. DeChant radioed Kirk Mathison—Alpha Team's air support—for assistance. He reported being attacked by a monster, but was unable to make any more radio messages.

Chris and Sheva overheard the radio communications and rushed to the meeting place. There, they found a seriously injured DeChant who warned them about Irving's betrayal and handed Chris the data before dying.




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