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(Novelization of Final Chapter)

"Hello, Albert. Long time, no see."
— Dania Cardoza taunting her arch nemesis, Albert Wesker.

Dania Cardoza is a character in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.[1]

Physical appearance and personality traits

Dania was middle-aged, short, and on the stout side. Her black hair was threaded with gray, but she didn't bother to color it. She wears a uniform similar to Wesker's, although hers is gray.

She is described as an evil, cruel, cold but determined and strong woman. Alice even reluctantly admits her admiration, as there are few people who can confront Wesker.


Dania Cardoza was a lower level Umbrella scientist prior to the Global T-Virus Pandemic. During this earlier period at Umbrella, she took pride in planning out and developing many new products for the company both technological and biological. Despite her many accomplishments in development of Umbrella products, much of her work was repeatedly handed off and accredited to her colleagues, much to her dismay.

During the global T-Virus pandemic, Dania took advantage of the many internal conflicts within Umbrella to climb the company's ranks until she reached a rivalry with Albert Wesker, whom she wanted to overthrow very much.

Dania Cardoza arrived at the White House on a V-22 shortly after Alice and Wesker prepare to confront the undead army with his army of resistance soldiers. Dania, having taken control of the undead army with beetle chip implants that functioned closely to the Scarab devices, threatens Wesker and his forces with their lives unless they back down in 60 seconds. Neither Wesker nor anyone else in the resistance respond to her demands, at which point Dania activates the chips to initiate a unification of the entire army, mixing all the mutants/undead into a massive creature called Melange. This new mutant then attacks the resistance, destroying and consuming nearly everyone except for Alice and Wesker.

Blinded by fury at the death of her teammates, Alice summoned her telekinetic powers against the V-22, crushing it and causing it to crash, effectively killing Dania and her soldiers while simultaneously using the V-22's burning wreckage to destroy the Melange.

After the battle at the White House ended, it was then revealed that the true Dania Cardoza had in fact sent a clone out to confront Albert Wesker as a ploy to fake her own death while she secretly awaited for his return to The Hive in order to assassinate him when his guard was down.

Equipped with a range of her own inventions: a pair of specialty boots that muffled her footsteps, a bracelet made to jam electrical signals to go undetected by the Red Queen as well as a prototype sonic disruptor handgun, Dania crept up behind Wesker as he sat at his desk fixated on his computer. Once she was directly behind him, Dania aimed her sonic disruptor at the back of Wesker's head and pulled the trigger, causing his head to completely explode from an ultrasonic blast of sound.

Dania Cardoza was then horrified to find that her seemingly successful assassination attempt was all for none, as a now headless Albert Wesker then arose from his chair and explained to her that his ongoing T-Virus mutations had allowed himself the ability to transfer his brain and consciousness across his entire body, effectively making himself immortal unless every piece of his body was destroyed. At this point, Wesker destroys Dania's sonic disruptor before revealing a large vertical mouth that ran down his entire torso lined with teeth. Pinning her in place, Wesker then voices to her that it's only fair he takes her head for her destroying his own before decapitating her with his torso mouth, killing her for good.


  • Dania Cardoza is the one who provoked the fall of resistance in the White House and the deaths of Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and the rest of the resistance army.
  • It is unknown if she is related to the Transport Trooper, whose name badge identifies him as "Cardoza."


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