Waggoner novelization
(Novelization of Final Chapter)
"Hello, Albert. Long time, no see."
— Dania Cardoza taunting her arch nemesis, Albert Wesker.

Dania Cardoza is a character in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.[1]

Physical appearance and personality traits

Dania was middle-aged, short, and on the stout side. Her black hair was threaded with gray, but she didn't bother to color it. She wears a uniform similar to Wesker's, although hers is gray.

She is described as an evil, cruel, cold but determined and strong woman. Alice even reluctantly admits her admiration, as there are few people who can confront Wesker.


Dania Cardoza arrives at the White House on a V-22 shortly after Alice, Jill, Leon, Ada and Wesker prepare to confront the undead army. Dania takes control of the undead army thanks to implanted beetle chips (similar to the Scarab devices that Jill and Claire had attached to them), she threatens Wesker, saying that he must surrender otherwise he will die. Wesker doesn't respond to the threat and Dania activates the chips to initiate a unification of the entire army, mixing all the mutants/undead into a massive creature called Melange. Melange begins to attack the resistance, destroying, assassinating and consuming some members, including Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Alice uses her powers against the V-22, causing it to crash, killing Dania and her soldiers. Albert betrays Alice, and leaves the White House, leaving her alone with Melange but Alice manages to escape and Melange eventually disintegrates since due to its viability, could only be active for a short time.


  • Dania Cardoza can be considered the film version of Excella Gionne. This is due to their personality and how they were related in the creation of huge Uroboros-like creatures.
  • Dania is the one who provoked the fall of resistance in the White House and the deaths of Jill, Leon and Ada.


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