Prime universe
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"Stay back sir, I got this!"
— Daniel Cortini to Leon S. Kennedy, before being bitten by a Zombie.

Daniel Cortini was the Arklay County Sheriff. He was involved in the law enforcement response to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident of September 1998.


Cortini was elected Sheriff for Arklay County at an unspecified point. When an experimental ε strain of t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water in September 1998, tens of thousands mutated into Zombies.

As Zombies began to spread out of the city, Cortini took part in the detaining of the attackers, unaware of their nature.

On the night of Tuesday 29 September, Cortini responded to a disturbance at the Mizoil Gas Station, where he tried to arrest a Zombie. He was interrupted in the backroom scuffle by a customer, who he tried to shoo off. During the distraction, he was forced to the ground and his throat savagely torn.

Ghost SurvivorsEdit

In the "non-canon" scenario in Ghost Survivors, Cortini is able to shoot the zombie. Before he is able to leave the shop, he realizes that he is now surrounded by various creatures and cannot escape. With no way out, he holds out for as long as he can against the impending zombie horde. Miraculously, Leon, who arrived to investigate as well, saves Cortini. The two then leave the gas station. heading towards Raccoon City.

Further notes Edit

  • Cortini is an original character unique to the 2019 remake, and has no counterpart in the 1998 game.



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