Further notes

Daniel Cortini is a playable character in "The Ghost Survivors" DLC for 2019's Resident Evil 2 in the " No Way Out" scenario. To unlock it, the player must finish successfully finished Robert Kendo's, Katherine Warren's, and Ghost's scenarios regardless of difficulty. The Daniel's objective is to eliminate 100 zombies who enter the Mizoil Gas Station shop in waves until he can escape with the help of Leon.

To keep track of the number of defeated enemies a dedicated red skull icon will be shown on the player's screen alongside the number.
RE2 Remake NoWayOut Enemy Death Counter Icon

Daniel features two different load-outs depending on the selected difficulty:

Training Mode:
RE2 Remake Daniel Cortini GSmode Training Mode Loadout

★★★★★ Mode:
RE2 Remake Daniel Cortini GSmode 4Star Mode Loadout

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