Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Daniel Fabron (ダニエル・ファブロン Danieru Faburon?) was a security operative within the Umbrella Intelligence Division, an intelligence-gathering and counterespionage organization under the direct control of Umbrella HQ. A colleague of Dr. Alex Wesker, Fabron worked with her in eliminating threats to the company, be it destroying escaped test subjects or abducting people investigating the company.[2]


As a "Mastermind" character, Fabron's role is to release irregular mutants and Bio Organic Weapons around NEST2 to kill the "Survivors." He is also able to spawn a Tyrant (T-103 Model) in the battlefield and even control it.

Skill list

Icon Name Description Type Variant
RERES Icon MM Bioweapon.png Bioweapon: Tyrant Take control of the Tyrant bioweapon and hunt down Survivors. Ultimate Skill RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngBrutality
Increases Hook Punch speed and damage.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngWindup
Increases Bull Rush damage the further away the target is.
RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngIntercept
Automatically intercepts Survivors near the Tyrant, throwing them to the ground.
RERES Icon MM Daniel Bloodlust.png Bloodlust Daniel excels at attacking with controllable creatures. Passive Skill 1 RERES sv icon customize Type005.pngVampire
Controllable creatures will restore a set percentage of health with each successful attack.
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngRend
Greatly increases Grab attack damage dealt by controllable creatures.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngFrenzy
Greatly increases the movement speed of controllable creatures.
RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngUnnatural Selection
Increases the range of the Detonator's Self Destruct and the Jester's Screech, makes the Dealer's Claw Slash steal more Umbrella Credits, and increases damage dealt by the Ne-α's Tentacle Spear.
RERES Icon MM Daniel Puppeteer.png Puppeteer Daniel uses his expert skills to further enhance controlled creatures. Passive Skill 2 RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngSadist
Increases damage dealt by controlled creatures.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngEndurance
Makes controlled creatures impossible to knock back.
RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngInvincible
Makes controlled zombies temporarily invincible.
RERES sv icon customize Type004.pngMind Over Matter
Greatly decreases creature skill cooldown when controlled.

Exclusive cards

Main article: Deck (Resistance)
Image Name Description Bio Energy cost Notes
RERES MM Creature Card (8).png Dealer - Regen Spawns a regernating Dealer zombie (controllable) Unlocks in Area 2 3 Area 2 default
RERES MM Creature Card (9).png Detonator - Berserker Spawns a berserk Detonator zombie. (controllable) Unlocks in Area 2 3 Area 2 alternative
RERES MM Effect Card (20).png Overclock (C) Immediately gain some Bio Energy. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration. 0 Area 2 alternative
RERES MM Creature Card (15).png Armored Zombie Spawns a fully-armored zombie that can withstand a large amount of damage. (controllable) Unlocks in Area 3. 5 Area 3 default
RERES MM Mod Card (4).png Equilibrium Mod While in hand, Bio Energy recharge rate increases according to the cost of the other cards in your hand. Unlocks in Area 3. 3 Area 3 alternative
RERES MM Trap Card (21).png Caltrops (C) Places Caltrops across the floor. Survivors who run in this area continuously take damage. Max 1 at a time. 2 Area 3 alternative


  • "We have death, destruction, disease, all of the fun things that the modern world will offer us. You are welcome."
  • "I have many fun adventures lined up for you."
  • "Bonjour mon ami! The wheels of fate led you to a strange place today, non? Let us see if you will walk away, or not."
  • "No one will be coming through that door. It's locked and bolted."
  • "Dr. Wesker wants your fear, they want your flesh. I... do not give a fuck."
  • "This really is not a very efficient way of ending your life, but orders are orders."
  • "He feels no pain, the perfect machine for this endeavor."
  • "Go find the place to use that."
  • "Fun for me, at least."
  • "If that were something you needed, do you think I would tell you?"
  • "The cogs turn, the bars of the cage fall into place, you are close to the point of no return!"
  • "I have killed dozens, maybe hundreds, and now I am asked to make novelty locks. My life is strange."
  • "There is more fun ahead, and possibly death."
  • "In case you are paying attention, I have deployed a gun."
  • "The pen of Fate awaits writing the final line for you."
  • "Sometimes it is easiest just to do things yourself. You understand me, oui?"
  • "I control everything here!"
  • "You see the things you have forced me to do? No matter, the stain of your blood will be joined by many more."
  • "Say bonjour to the reaper for me."
  • "We get to keep you here for more experiments. The decline of civilization continues, and your lives will end with it. If not today, then soon."
  • "It takes more than brute strength to win!"
  • "The reaper's scythe called for you and you resisted! Good for you. Enjoy the air and run! It will not be long before I catch you again."



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