Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"WHAT?!? What do you think you're talking about?!? I just lost my daughter out there! How dare you tell me to go back outside!!!"
— Dario berates Jill.

Dario Rosso (ダリオ・ロッソ Dario Rosso?) was a civilian in Raccoon City during the outbreak, whom Jill Valentine took shelter with in an abandoned warehouse.


Dario is seen to have been signed in on the Apple Inn's register, suggesting that he and his family may not have been local residents.[2] During the evacuation of Raccoon City on September 24, the day that all rescue and law enforcement services collapsed entirely, Dario and his family were forced to fend for themselves, attempting to escape the encroaching zombie hordes through the ruined streets of Raccoon City without protection or chance of aid.

Some time during or after the collapse of the city on September 26,[3] Dario's mother, wife and daughter were killed in the chaos.[1] When Dario, the lone survivor of his family, finally reached the safety of the warehouse, he was already a completely broken man. When Jill suggested risking leaving the warehouse for further safety, Dario furiously rebukes her, locking himself inside a shipping container in the deluded belief that it would be the safest option.[4]


Dead Dario

Dario eaten by zombies

Eventually, Dario left the container, but, as Jill had worried, the warehouse was not a secure location. He was then cornered and overwhelmed by zombies that had managed to breach the interior. Jill found his body when she returned, after her encounter with Nemesis at the Raccoon City Police Station.

Further notesEdit

  • Dario's name is a possible reference to Italian horror director Dario Argento, collaborator with George Romero on Dawn of the Dead, co-director with Romero on the horror anthology Two Evil Eyes, and noted as a solo director for, among other films, Profondo Rosso (Deep Red).  Both Darios share color-based surnames; "argento" means "silver" in English, while "rosso" means "red."
  • Searching the container he originally hid in will yield his diary, in which he describes his aspirations to become a writer. This diary is featured in the Nintendo 64 port of Resident Evil 2.
  • Dario is a hostage that can be rescued in the minigame "Operation: Mad Jackal". He is the first hostage in this mission and he always appears in the Gas station, surrounded by 5 zombies (1 of them is crawling). The mark that he is still alive is his scream "Help! Help me!", when the player enters this room. For saving him, Dario will drop the following items: H. Gun Bullets (60) for Carlos Oliveira and Nikolai Zinoviev; Shotgun Shells (14) for Mikhail Victor. As he is the first hostage, he'll be alive for 2 minutes of gameplay. If the player is too late, he'll die and won't drop an item.
  • When Dario recedes into the trailer in the beginning of RE3 (the PS1 version), when examined by Jill, he will outburst, "I told you! I'm not leaving! Never! Just get away from me!" For some reason, on the Gamecube, PC, Dreamcast and Biohazard 3 port, the "Just get away from me!" line is removed.
  • Dario, along with Brad, Nikolai and other characters does not appear in the retelling featured in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • The manhua publisher, Tinhangse Publishing, created a backstory for Dario, showing the death of his wife and young daughter at the hands of zombies after he locked a gate on them. The story is not part of the Prime canon.



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