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[[Category:Male Characters|Rosso,Dario]]
[[Category:Male Characters|Rosso,Dario]]
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[[Category:Raccoon Citizens]]

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WHAT? What do you think you're talking about? I just lost my daughter out there, how dare you tell me to go back outside?

Dario Rosso was a citizen in Raccoon City whom Jill Valentine took shelter with in an abandoned warehouse on September 28th.


Dario and his daughter were signed in on the Apple Inn's register. [1] During the evacuation of Raccoon City on September 24th, the two escaped to hide from the approaching Zombie threat.

During the Zombies defeat of the city on September 27th and 28th, Dario's daughter was killed by the zombie horde. When he reached the safety of a Warehouse, he locked himself in a container, mistakenly thinking that the Warehouse was safer than outside and refusing fellow survivor, Jill Valentine's offer to aid him[2]. Eventually he left the container but was cornered and eaten alive by zombies that had managed to break into the warehouse.


  • Dario Rosso's name is written on the Apple Inn's Guest List, however it is spelled incorrectly as "Losso", because in Japanese 'r' and 'l' are the same.
  • Searching the container he originally hid in will yield his diary, in which he describes his aspirations to become a writer. This diary is featured in the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 as an "EX File".
  • When Dario recedes into the trailer in the beginning of RE3 (the PSX version), when examined by Jill he will outburst, "I told you! I'm not leaving! Never! *Just get away from me!* " For some reason, on the Gamecube port, the " *Just get away from me!* " line is removed.


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