Dark Legacy 1 (闇を継ぐ者 1 Yami o tsugu mono 1?) is a side-story to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Umbrella's End" scenario. It runs congruently with Umbrella's End 1.


Wesker approaches the facility on foot, and uses a wrist-mounted device to listen in on Chris and Jill's conversation as they prepare to infiltrate. Wesker muses to himself that his fate may be intertwined with Chris's, before throwing off his trenchcoat and running towards the facility. Infiltrating through a tunnel and removing the heavy metal barred door with his superhuman strength, Wesker begins to travel through the tunnels as Sergei Vladimir watches him on the security cameras. Sergei orders the Red Queen to activate T.A.L.O.S. before taking notice of the approaching helicopters carrying the containment unit including Chris and Jill.

Wesker fights off several B.O.W.s as he makes his way through the tunnels to a train. After fending off more enemies on the train, Wesker activates the brakes upon seeing the large shaft ahead, in which the elevator has gone down. Wesker makes use of his enhanced abilities to leap across the various platforms along the edges of the shaft until he reaches the bottom. Sergei Vladimir approaches him, gun raised, causing Wesker to do the same. While Wesker tells him that Umbrella is a sinking ship, Sergei retaliates by saying that Umbrella is only growing stronger, before setting both his Tyrant bodyguards (codenamed Ivan) on Wesker. Wesker's enhanced abilities allow him to defeat both Tyrants, and he proceeds to chase after Sergei.





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