The Dark Legacy 1 scene 1 is the cutscene that plays in the "Dark Legacy 1" level of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Sergei Vladimir: "He's like a little black cockroach."
Red Queen: "Biohazard Level 4 Contamination detected,"
Sergei: "Casualties?"
Red Queen: "Over 90% of the research staff have been eliminated."
"In the primary contamination zone. the survival rate is less than 2%."
Sergei: "It is such a waste to destroy this place, but we don't have a choice. With you and Talos, we can always start over."
"Proceed with the Talos activation. We need him operational before the Russian government arrives."
Red Queen: "Achknowledged. Resetting activation program schedule."
"Two airborne objects are approaching at high speeds toward the facility from the northeast."
Sergei: "Did you think it would be that easy? I'll enjoy the challenge."

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