Dark Legacy 2 is a side-story to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Umbrella's End" scenario. It runs congruently with Umbrella's End 3.


Wesker begins the second chapter in the large room seen in Umbrella's End chapter 3. Noting that Chris and Jill have already taken the elevator down, Wesker leaps onto the wall of the shaft, then leaping across to another wall to work his way down. Reaching the bottom of the shaft, Wesker makes his way through the surveillance room and into the large room with explosive barrels. Despite the trap triggered by Chris having destroyed the upper catwalk, Wesker is able to jump over the gap easily, and enters the upper level "honeycomb maze" area. After navigating his way through the entertwining rooms, Wesker finally reaches the control room where Sergei waits.

Noting Wesker's victory over Ivan, Sergei explains that the Red Queen was activated on the night of the Mansion Incident and linked with T.A.L.O.S., desiring more information. Wesker simply remarks that the computer is nothing but a tool, wanting only what its user determines. Sergei concedes this point, admitting that honesty is the sign of a healthy relationship. Sergei then proceeds to activate the T-virus in his body, transforming himself into a Tyrant to battle Wesker. As they fight, Sergei reveals that the other Tyrants are his brothers and that Sergei allowed Spencer to make ten clones of him. Before Wesker strikes the final blow, he interrogates Sergei on Spencer's whereabouts, but Sergei refuses to tell him anything. After Wesker finishes off Sergei, he walks over to the Red Queen and downloads the U.M.F.-013 onto a single disk. He then proceeds to delete the Red Queen, and exits the facility.

Back in his hideout, Wesker analyzes the data he stole, and muses on how Spencer sought to control the world, only to now be hiding from it. Wesker then vows to meet Spencer again and reveal the history he will write for the world.


Sergei: Codename: T-A.L.O.S. A pinnacle of biological weaponry all controlled by the Red Queen computer. The ultimate weapon.

Sergei: You got Ivan? Not bad, comrade.

Albert: So this is it.

Sergei: Yes. She was activated that night at the mansion. I extracted her before Raccoon City became nothing more than a memory. Her and I have a lot in common. She linked with TALOS desiring more information and more data. She wanted to know the truth, no matter how painful the reality may be.

Albert: That thing is merely a tool. What it wants is something the user determins for it.

Sergei: It's good that we can be honest with each other. That's the side of a healthy relationship. It's a shame that this friendship has to end.
{end cutscene}

Sergei: "私はタイラントの素体テストに合格し "
"自分のクローン10人と引き換えに今の地位を得た "
"いわば、タイラントは私の兄弟 "
"分身なのだよ 私の兄弟たちが、世界を統べるのだ "




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