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Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Dark Legacy 2 scene 3

Dark Legacy 2 scene 3

The Dark Legacy 2 scene 3 is the cutscene that plays in the second half of the "Dark Legacy" Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Plot summary

The Red Queen states that it has completed the requested data transfer, and then proceeds to eject a disk from the mainframe. Wesker then states that the disk contains all of Umbrella's activities, as well as implying that he intends to use the disk in the future.

He then looked toward the monitor with Jill and Chris looking over the corpse of T-ALOS, with Wesker stating that Chris had finished what he had come to do in the first place, making clear that Chris taking out T-ALOS had in fact factored into his plan. Wesker then proceeded to access an authorization key and proceeded to type in the password. Before pressing the enter key, he ominously tells Red Queen "Goodbye, fair lady.", revealing that the password he entered was for activating the AI's data format procedure, which took 80 seconds to complete. As it was it was counting down, the facility then proceeded to enter a blackout, causing a soldier and Jill to notice. Wesker then proceeds to leave the area. When the countdown finished, the Red Queen states that all data on the mainframe had been erased, while displaying the No Data message that one of the soldiers would eventually find, with the main sensor dulling.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Red Queen: Requested data transfer complete.

Albert Wesker: The summation of Umbrella on one disk. This should come in handy. It looks like you have finished what you came to do as well, Chris. Just as I predicted. Goodbye, fair lady.

Red Queen: Data format initialized. 80 seconds until completion. All data erased.

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