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Daughters is a minigame for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was released as part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 2" DLC on 14 February 2017 on the PlayStation 4, with a PC and Xbox One release projected for 21 February. Zoe Baker is the playable protagonist of the minigame, which features the Baker family bringing in Eveline and quickly falling into her influence.


The tape takes place on October 10, 2014, which Zoe describes as the "last night spent with my real family."

Zoe watches the news which reports about the imminent dissipation of the strong hurricane which flooded Louisiana, as well as a search for a missing ship. The family had recently rescued Mia Winters from the wreckage of the aforementioned ship, the SS Annabelle.

Jack arrives at the house, having found the young Eveline. Marguerite states that Mia is resting, and Jack allows to let them rest at the house for a few days before they can bring them to town. Thinking that there was an oil spill, Marguerite tells Zoe to get fresh clothes from the laundry room and offers to let Eveline stay in Lucas' old room. Lucas complains about the decision, but Jack tells him that he has outgrown the room, and notes that he always wanted to open a bed-and-breakfast. Jack brings Eveline to the room while Zoe gets clothes and Marguerite cooks soup. As Jack leaves to check on the boathouse, Zoe brings clothes to Eveline, who suddenly awakens and says, "They're mine now." 

Suddenly, a lightning strike shuts down the power and Eveline leaves the room. As Zoe searches the house for Eveline, she comes upon an unconscious Lucas. She then hears her mother rambling in the bathroom. As she approaches her mother, Marguerite tells Zoe to look at the gift given by Eveline. Marguerite grabs Zoe and spews out insects from her mouth; Jack comes to her rescue and wrestles with his wife, ordering Zoe to get some rope from the garage. Marguerite rambles that Eveline is now part of their family. 

Returning to the bathroom after finding the rope, Zoe finds her father attempting to drown Marguerite in the bathroom. Jack has also gone insane and stabs himself in the chest to show Eveline his devotion and love. Zoe then flees from Jack and navigates around the house to escape her father, who finds Lucas and drags him to receive Eveline's "gift". Zoe manages to find her way to the living room where her mother is searching for her, but is clearly struggling with the infection. 

If she decides to go through the side of the house, Marguerite will corner Zoe. She profusely apologizes to her daughter and says she doesn't know what is wrong with her, as she hears Eveline's voices in her head. She gives her the car keys and tells her to leave. She encounters her father fighting the infection as well.

Bad Ending

Zoe attempts to leave to via the family car through the garage, but finds Eveline in front of her. Jack grabs her and pulls her from the car with Marguerite beside her. Jack berates her for being rude, and after a brief moment of hesitation, savagely beats her.

An epilogue, seen over an image of the Baker family sitting around Eveline (including Zoe), states that this scenario is one resolution on how Zoe's struggle would have ended, as well as a notice that a single, wandering step can change her course.

True Ending

After Zoe finds Mia's letter thanking the Baker family for saving her but also warning them about Eveline and the possible cure by creating a serum, Eveline suddenly appears behind her calling her "sister."

The next morning, Zoe wakes up at the dining table and everything seems to be normal in the family again. She dismisses the previous night's events as a nightmare. Jack tells the family about looking around the compound to assess the storm's damage. Zoe's vision begins to pale while this happens, and she sees Eveline in her view. Eveline suddenly appears in front of her, saying "Hello, sister."

An epilogue states that Zoe would now struggle for survival as she evades her insane family in search of the serum in Mia's letter. The nights are marked by the family's murderous feasts as Eveline's body begins deteriorating. Zoe would eventually encounter Ethan, Mia's husband, her best hope for finding the serum.


Daughters is a short straightforward scenario consisting mostly of scripted events with a Bad Ending and True Ending that can be reached depending on the player's actions. Players are expected to get the Bad Ending first, after which point the metagame of the scenario becomes a trial and error puzzle to reach the True Ending.

Zoe is the player character who has 12 inventory slots and starts with the Lighter.


To achieve the Bad Ending; when the player arrives in the Main Hall, they must leave through the first-floor door back towards the living room where they will receive the Car Key from Marguerite. The ending is then activated by interacting with the car door in the Garage.

To achieve the True Ending; the player has to use the Lock Pick to unlock the drawer in the bathroom to get the Small Component to use on the switch in one of the lamps in the kids' room to gain access to the attic, and have observed Lucas typing his cell phone password to apply it to his laptop in the attic. After using the password and reading Lucas' Fuck-You List, the player will now be allowed to open the tackle box on the Veranda which contains the White Dog's Head which then can be used to access the Yard.

The ending is then activated by reading Mia's Letter to the Bakers in the Yard and then attempting to leave.


Reloading screens