Daughters good ending is the scene in the DLC Daughters of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays if Zoe decided to go through the back door of the house and into her trailer, and then plays as the good ending of this DLC.



Eveline: Sisterrrr...

Zoe Baker: "I think I fell asleep."

Jack Baker: "Well well, now, look who's decided to join us!"

Lucas Baker: "Wake up and smell the shitty coffee, Zoe."

Jack: "Lucas."

Marguerite Baker: "You OK, dear? There was a lot of excitement from that storm last night."

Zoe: "I'm fine. I had the weirdest damn dream last night. There was this little girl—"

Jack: "Well now, after breakfast, uh—Lucas and I are gonna have a look around to see if the storm did any damage. And you two should have a look around the house and do the same."

Marguerite: "That's a good idea, Jack. You guys remember the last hurricane—we thought we were lucky—and then the next time it rained, there was a mess for sure."

Eveline: "Hello, sister."

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