Daughters opening is the scene in the DLC Daughters of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays as the opening of this DLC.



Anchorman: "In today's top news—Record-breaking rainfall from this week's hurricane looking to come to a close tomorrow morning, as the storm moves on. Out in the gulf, reports of a missing ship have rescue crews combing the coast. We'll have the details on that search shortly. But first, record rain over the past few days has left many residents in some of the Parishes knee-deep in flood waters. On radar, we can see the system moving along to the northeast losing strength as it goes, and by tomorrow morning, we should be home and free."

Marguerite Baker: "Any news on the damage from the storm?"

Zoe Baker: "They haven't said."

Jack Baker: "Marguerite! Open up. I found another one."

Marguerite: "I'm coming."
"Oh... oh, she's so young."

Jack: "Yeah. How's our other guest?"

Marguerite: "Sleeping—poor thing."

Jack: "I say let 'em. They'll be OK here for a few days—at least until we can get them into town."

Marguerite: "Zoe, go get some fresh clothes from the laundry room, OK?"
"Oh. Looks like there was some sorta oil spill or something."

Jack: "Yeah, yes."

Marguerite: "Let's get this poor girl into some fresh clothes and a warm bed—we'll put her in Lucas' old room."

Lucas Baker: "Aw come on, can't you put her somewhere else?"

Jack: "Oh Lucas, you just hush. You've long outgrown that room. Always wanted to run a bed and breakfast."

Marguerite: "Got your big break, didn't ya? Get her to bed. I'll put some soup on."
"Good night for soup, don't you think? Excuse me, Lucas."

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