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For the Perryverse adaptation, see David Ford (Perry).

David Ford was a police officer in the Raccoon Police Department. He was caught up in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident and was killed.


When the t-Virus infested Raccoon City's drinking water, the city was sacked by thousands of zombies within hours. By 26 September the Raccoon Police Station became a refugee centre where civilians were under the protection of the police, the bulk of whom heading out that day and confronting the Zombie head-on, only to be wiped out. David was left behind and witnessed the initial Zombie attack on the station, which took heavy casualties;[1] he was saved by Officer Meyer, whose marksmanship proved a great asset to the team.[2]

On 27 September, David took part in a battle on the west wing as zombies broke through the windows; at least 12 people were killed in the attack, with three more killed by a Licker, which led him to take notes of the B.O.W. hoping to help other officers how to fight it.[1][2] With time, David became seriously disturbed at the constant losses and felt ashamed by his choice to abandon Meyer to the zombies during that attack. He began drinking, and wrote in his diary of his intention to kill himself.[2]

David presumably did not partake in the evacuation of the station on the evening of 28 September performed by Rita Phillips, leaving only five remaining officers within the precinct, including he, Elliot Edward and Marvin Branagh. Looking for another way out, they stumbled upon one of Rita's old possibilities of travelling and escaping via the sewers. The trio split up with Elliot searching the East Offices for clues to unlock the secret path, David searched the West Offices and the wounded Marvin remaining within the Main Hall. During his journeys, David is able to retrieve the Spade Key and leaves it together with a note in the hopes of another survivor finding it before going out to try and avenge Meyer.[3]

David's final fate or how he died is left unknown, as in an account, it is said that he was among the officers killed in the operations conference room at dawn on 28 September.[4] Already in another account, David disappeared while looking for clues to unveil the secret path that would serve as the escape route from the police station, in this case, he is never mentioned again and there was no way to check if any of the zombies would be him.

Further notes[]

  • The first operation report was left in the operation room, while the second report and David's memo were left in the dark room. The dark room may have been a refuge for the surviving officers as it is within close proximity of the evidence room where survivors were sheltered and the operation room where meetings took place.
  • In the Nintendo 64 release of Resident Evil 2, David's letter (a revised version of David's Memo) was placed in the east office. While the officers were mostly confined to the west wing of the precinct, they had plans to explore the east wing and eventually managed to, as recorded by Elliot in the second operation report.[4]
  • David's chain of events and death were noted differently during the original Resident Evil 2. It was noted at 02:30 am on September 28, another group of zombies broke into the west wing and overran the operations conference room during a meeting. David was one of four officers killed during the surprise attack, as recorded by Elliot Edward.[4]


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