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"So, Raccoon City now belongs to the boogeyman. Not too many people left. We're not wanted. Fine by me. I'm outta here. "
— David, while escaping through Raccoon General Hospital's sewers.

David King was a plumber who survived the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


King may have had a rough upbringing, evident by his adult aversion towards chains due to memories of being arrested in his youth.[2] King was keen on survivalism, and collected books detailing how to survive in various disaster situations.[3][4] Along with this King also developed skills in repairing firearms and had knowledge on how to use ordinary tools as weapons to the point of developing an ability to assess their practicality before using them.[5][6][7][8] When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's water supply in September 1998, King missed the Army's evacuation and was stranded in Jack's Bar. Several days later on 1 October, King visited the Umbrella R&D Center for unknown reasons, and began working with Drs. Baldwin and Carter.


"If only I had one more drink to make this nightmare less complicated for me."

David King

A skilled mechanic, as well as a plumber, David could fix or build almost anything and provided the ragtag band of survivors with a variety of makeshift weaponry. Brooding and taciturn, this handyman isn't one for small talk. One look in his eyes or the way he uses a knife betrays a storied past.

He likens himself to a lion: strong, adaptive, resilient, fierce and dominant. His pride in this comparison is displayed through his clothing, tools and equipment. During Wild things, he refers to the male lion as his 'animal friend' after being forced to kill it and wishes it to rest in peace.

David got along well with Mark Wilkins and Alyssa Ashcroft, but didn't get along very well with Cindy Lennox, whom he believed was a bit childish. He also didn't get along with Kevin Ryman.

David King is the classic lone wolf, a man of mysterious and seductive sight who, when forced to, knows how to deal with several situations. He is a quiet contemplative person who appeals for the analysis of the situation before acting. But when he is in action, no one can stop him. Equipped with his Folding Knife, he owns an uncontrollable personal fury hidden behind his sharp eyesight and strong body. His rude appearance and hoarse voice reflect the fact that he speaks a few words just when necessary. His past is something he keeps hidden or simply to himself. He does not comment about it with others because he tries to forget this violent period of his life.

His dark past is something he keeps hidden as well as his age. What he mostly does is keep moving without looking back; working hard to make his future different from his past, trying to forget this nightmare. His personality is reserved.

He is dotted with many survivor skills brought from his past. Strong and quick-witted, he is capable of dealing with rough situations. Even not knowing what was happening, saving himself and his friends was the first priority. He was helped by cops and firemen along with his escape, protected an Umbrella researcher named Carter from attacking zombies, but the most important person he got really involved with was another Umbrella Researcher, Linda Baldwin who offered him a way out. Helping each other since their first meeting, they were able to leave the town in time.

Gaining his trust is basically the first step for being helped, or else, he will keep his way alone. He is capable of dealing with several firearms and even repairing them using his tools when necessary. Fascinated by knives, he can perform deadly movements using one. He can also create some ad-lib weapons for emergencies.

There is a strong probability David drinks his frustrations away with heavy liquor. Unlike Kevin Ryman, he tries to maintain his cool and laid back exposure. Not making any contact with those around him, he is one to ignore his entire surroundings.

After the Raccoon City incident, David is briefly seen talking to an unknown person on a payphone admitting that idle talk does have its place sometimes. He then goes on to board what seems to be a cruise liner.


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