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David King is a powerful and aggressive character. He has high stamina, excellent melee skills, and is quite adept with firearms. However, his one-hand shooting style with handguns proves inferior to Kevin Ryman's expert handgun stance.

The Raccoon City outbreak does not ensure easy survival, as ammunition is limited and enemies come in hordes. David's handyman skills becomes useful in this violent environment, as he carries tools that enable him to improvise deadly weapons from common items like pipes and sticks. His tools also enable him to unlock item-containing hatches that other characters can't open.

Apparently a fan of blades, David's expertise with knives allows him to perform complex combos.

Knife Combos

David can perform special slash and stab combos when armed with knives. However, the combos require precise timing to perform, making them a bit difficult to use. When done right, these lethal attacks will kill zombies quickly and efficiently.

  • Slashing while standing: David can initiate a 3-hit slash and stab combo. In Outbreak File #2, a fourth powerful backhand slash can be done. (However this move is even harder to pull off.)
  • Slashing down: After doing the normal slash, a well timed follow-up stab can be performed.


Personal Item: Tool Belt

The eternal handyman, David carried his tools with him at all times. Given some of the amazingly deadly creations David has fashioned in the last few days, the rest of the group started to share his love for mechanical tools.

The Tool Belt enables him to create weapons, fix broken weapons. It also contains throw-able wrenches and his trusty Folding Knife.

Extra Item (Outbreak File #2 Only): Lighter

A souvenir from J's Bar, David carried a lighter with him just in case, often using it as a component for his latest deadly creation.

Creatable Weapon List

David can make the following weapons using the Vinyl Tape in his Tool Box by combining two certain items. A successful creation consumes one Vinyl Tape. They are:

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