Further notes
  • If David is not picked as a character or ally during the "end of the road" scenario, he will walk through the waiting room door at the start of the scenario and disappear for most of it, only to be found unconscious and seemingly dead under the Umbrella R&D Center. He will re-appear later as strong zombie and attack. Additionally, depending on the difficulty, David's Lighter or a makeshift Stun Rod appears on the catwalk.
  • David was the first character to ever combine two (or more) items to make weapons later known as Combo Weapons.
  • During the "underbelly" scenario, David can use his Vinyl tape to fix the broken pipe; this will take up his whole 9 pieces and he won't be able to make Combo weapons. This is required to obtain an 100% event checklist.
  • In "desperate times", he can unlock a box to obtain a Survival Knife or extra bullets (dependent on the difficulty; and points for the event checklist) and make Timer Bombs to kill small hordes of zombies in the final showdown.
  • If the player selects David or Yoko as the player, and have the other as a partner in the End of the Road scenario, both will have an ad-lib conversation in the Mainframe; Yoko asks David "Aren't you scared?", David replies "Of what?", and Yoko replies "Of dying... seeing death..."
  • A collection of David's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by collecting all of his special items, and then paying 2000 points.[1]



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