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David Trapp was the captain of S.T.A.R.S.' Exeter branch in Maine.


David is a loyal member of STARS, outraged by the organization's treachery and determined to help bring Umbrella down. A brilliant tactician, David nonetheless is often crippled by feelings of inadequacy, which oftentimes leads to him becoming ineffective in the field. He is extremely loyal and protective of his team, who he sees as a family, though this often leads to him being unable to act when his comrades are placed in harm's way.

Caliban Cove

He was contacted about the Caliban Cove facility by Trent. He traveled to Caliban Cove with Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team survivor, Rebecca Chambers, and a small S.T.A.R.S. Exeter Branch team.

There they entered Umbrella's Caliban Cove facility, encountering a new type of BOW, M16 armed zombies known as Trisquads. The STARS made short work of these BOWs, but while exploring the facility, Karen Driver became infected with the t-virus. This forced the STARS to shift priorities in order to find a cure for her.

Ultimately, the team divided, David leaving Karen with Steve Lopez while he, John Anders, and Rebecca Chambers explored the facility. However, this played directly into the hands of Nicolas Griffith, the facility's director, who lured Karen and Steve to him, ultimately infecting Lopez with an enhanced version of the t-virus and using him to capture the others. Steve seemingly mortally wounded John, before locking David and Rebecca in an airlock with Karen's body. Griffith, out of spite, ordered Steve to kill himself, but was in turn killed when David used a grenade to flood the facility. He, along with Rebecca and a critically injured John, were rescued by another STARS team sent by Barry Burton.


After escaping the ordeal alive, he subsequently conducted a mission in Utah where he, John Andrews, and Rebecca were joined by Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.


  1. He's 30 years old according to his information.
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