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For the item collected in Resident Evil Outbreak, see Daylight (item).

Daylight is an antiretroviral drug developed to fight t-Virus infection. One of several drugs made for this purpose, Daylight's initial success in treating patients in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident led to its continued use for over a decade.


Work on Daylight began in mid-1998 as a collaboration between Raccoon University virologists Drs. Peter Jenkins and Greg Mueller. Mueller, who was also a researcher for Umbrella, provided the necessary research data on t-Virus for Jenkins to work with. Following a dispute over ownership of the prototype Thanatos bio-weapon, Mueller believed that a mass-produced and publicly antiretroviral drug would affect its reliability as a weapon.

Development of a working prototype was accelerated on Mueller's instructions, with a viable drug produced no sooner than Tuesday 15 September. Work was, however, discontinued the following Friday when Jenkins realized Mueller only wanted the drug as leverage and would likely kill him after completion. The t-Virus sample used to produce the drug was thrown out, stopping any further drug production. Jenkins made an effort to contact Dr. George Hamilton, a surgeon who had studied virology within him at university. Though Hamilton arrived at the university, this was after Jenkins' murder. Using information left behind, Daylight was successfully manufactured and taken out of the city. The treatment was duplicated afterwards, and eventually became the recommended treatment during t-Virus outbreaks.[1]


Peter created a simple recipe for the drug: V-Poison (from mutated wasps), T-Blood (from a creature infected by the T-virus), and finally, P-Base (a chemical compound requiring careful storage and mixing).[2] When placed in a special incubator, the drug will be generated automatically. The Daylight is shown as a bright white liquid, when it is fully prepared.


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