Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
For the item collected in Resident Evil Outbreak, see Daylight (item).

Daylight in George's hand.

Daylight is a treatment for t-Virus infection. Developed by Dr. Peter Jenkins of Raccoon University, it was successfully retrieved from Raccoon City during the viral outbreak.


Daylight was developed by Dr. Jenkins with help from Dr. Greg Mueller, an ex-Umbrella researcher with access to the t-Virus. Aware of the increasing risk of a viral outbreak in Raccoon City, Dr. Mueller planned to use it as leverage against the company after stealing an experimental Tyrant. Dr. Jenkins soon realised Dr. Mueller's intent and that he was a liability, and made an effort to contact Dr. George Hamilton, a surgeon who had studied virology within him at university. Though Dr. Hamilton arrived at the university, this was after Dr. Jenkins' murder. Using information left behind, Daylight was successfully manufactured and taken out of the city. The treatment was duplicated afterwards, and eventually became the recommended treatment during t-Virus outbreaks.[1]


Peter created a simple recipe for the vaccine: V-Poison (from mutated wasps), T-Blood (from a creature infected by the T-virus), and finally, P-Base (a chemical compound requiring careful storage and mixing). When placed in a special incubator, the vaccine will be generated automatically. The Daylight is shown as a bright white liquid, when it is fully prepared.


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