Deadly Missiles is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 4 of Chris' Story.


The defeat of the Ogroman restarted the launch process; Chris fired a missile at the silo, trying to destroy it and the carrier. The plan failed, and the missile was heading on the Tatchi district. However, The FOS on radio arrives and looking for the BSAA member, as Chris answers. The FOS patched him to Leon Kennedy at Tatchi. After Leon answers that he is at Tatchi, Chris told him to get out of there before the missile fired. It detonates a safe distance from Leon and Helena, releasing a blue cloud like the Lepocita. Moments later, zombified civilians and BSAA operatives break into buildings and prepare to attack. All hope is lost at Lanshiang.


Piers: "It's heading for the city!"

FOS (radio): "This is FOS. Is anyone here?"

Piers: "FOS?"

Chris (radio): "Chris Redfield with the BSAA here."

FOS (radio): "Hold on, I'm patching you through to Agent Leon Kennedy."

Chris: "What?"

Chris: "Leon? Leon, where are you?!"

Leon (radio): "Chris! We're just outside Tatchi, why?"

Chris: "Get the hell out of there!"

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