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Deadman's Cross is a free-to-play RPG video game for the PS Vita and mobile devices made by Square Enix.

It had two collaborations with the Resident Evil series, the first was between 14 July - 28 July 2014,[1][2] where Raccoon City was added as a hunting area and multiple enemies across the series were added as unlockable cards.

The second collab ran between 25 February - 25 March 2015,[3] this time tied exclusively to Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Locations from the island were added as hunting areas and creatures from the game could have been unlocked as cards.

On July 30, 2017, the game's servers were shut down on the PS Vita,[4] though the mobile version remains intact.

Creature cards

Each unlockable card comes with an in-game description.[5]

"Resident Evil" collab

Card In-game description
Deadman's Cross - Licker card Mutates quickly after t-Virus contact. Crawls on ceilings, waits to kill. Don't make a lick of difference you ran-you're dead if it hears you.

- First sighting: Resident Evil 2

Deadman's Cross - Ndesu card It's an enhanced bio organic weapon grown from five parasites jammed inside a single body---damn straight it's angry!

- Sightings in: Resident Evil 5

Deadman's Cross - Nemesis-Ttype card Built to be a vicious bio organic weapon. IQ high enough to follow orders. Better than any that came before it. Better...stronger...faster.

- Sightings in: Resident Evil 3

Deadman's Cross - Ogroman card Though its IQ is in the single digits, this hundred-ton bio organic weapon can cause millions in damage with its gargantuan fists.

- Sightings in: Resident Evil 6

Deadman's Cross - Uroboros Mkono card The virus rejected his DNA, stole his soul, and mangled his body. Nothing of him remains, save his form and homicidal rage.

- Sightings in: Resident Evil 5

Deadman's Cross - Plant42 card Gaining sentience gave it a thirst for blood that can't be slaked-no matter how many humans it drains dry with its vines.

-First sighting: Resident Evil

Deadman's Cross - Tyrant(T-103type) card With the strength of a god and the fury of a demon, his dominion is terror and his legacy—death.

- Sightings in: Resident Evil 2

Deadman's Cross - Executioner Majini card As a beefy guy with a chest parasite calling the shots, you tend to skip the judge and jury part, and go straight to the beheading.

-Sightings in: Resident Evil 5

Deadman's Cross - Hunter α card To its creator: a success splicing the t-Virus, reptilian DNA, and human genes. But to everyone else: the lizard monster from hell.

- First sighting: Resident Evil

Deadman's Cross - Cerberus card Add t-Virus to a kennel of Doberman. Let sit overnight, and voilà-quick and easy bio organic weapons ready to be unleashed.

-First sighting: Resident Evil

Deadman's Cross - Dr.Salvador card Hear the revving of this parasite host's chainsaw. See the viscera splatter from his victims. Feel the cold hand of fear.

-Sightings in: Resident Evil 4

"Resident Evil: Revelations 2" collab

Card In-game description
Deadman's Cross - Revenant card A warped patchwork of human flesh turned monster. Despite its appearance, it is highly durable due to its regenerative abilities.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - Ironhead card The scars on their massive physiques speak of the vicious torture they have suffered, and the rage that they feel.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - "Druga" card A mutation of the revenant, this ominous creature has multiple limbs growing out of its upper body.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - Vulcan Blubber card Agile despite their massive bodies, these creatures use fire to corner their prey slowly.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - Slinger card Slinger
Deadman's Cross - Sploder card Sploder
Deadman's Cross - Afflicted card A tortured soul who has been infected by the virus, but somehow continues to live.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - Glasp card These creatures release a diffractive gas from their abdomens which make them nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

- Sightings in: RE Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - Rotten card The Rotten are the dead Afflicted who reanimated, evidence by where they are encountered and the similarity of their clothes to the Afflicted.

- Sightings in: R.E. Rev 2

Deadman's Cross - "Orthus" card Orthus



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