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"Death of a President" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Leon Chapter 1. Its Japanese name, Daitōryō no shi (大統領の死?) better translates as "Death of the President" or otherwise "[The] President's Death".


As series of quick flashbacks play over a zombie eating a dead body. President Benford tells Leon that the U.S. needs to come clean about being involved with Umbrella. In the present, the zombifiied Benford gets up and attempts going after Secret Service agent Helena Harper. Leon regretfully kills Benford. Helena gets a call from Hunnigan, who introduces them to each other. Leon reveals the president is dead, and Helena tells Hunnigan Leon has a lead to who's behind the attack at Oak Cathedral Tall Oak Cathedral. Hanging up, Helena tells Leon that he'll have all the proof he needs there.


June 29, 2013
Tall Oaks, U.S.A.

Benford (flashback): "Bio-organic weapons are a global threat and we are partly to blame... start working with the rest of the world... the Raccoon City Incident... the Raccoon City... I'm going to tell them everything... it might create more problems than it solves... I always valued your friendship, Leon."

Leon: "Stay right where you are!"
"Mr. President!"
"Don't make me do this."

Helena: "It's all my fault."
"I did this."

Leon: "What are you talking about?"

Helena: "Tall Oaks Cathedral..."
"I'll explain everything there, Agent Kennedy."

Leon: "How do you know my name?"

Helena: "Yes?"

Leon: "Hunnigan?"

Hunnigan: "Thank God you're both all right."

Leon: "How do you two know each other?"

Hunnigan: "That's Helena Harper, she's been with the Secret Service since last year."
"I can't tell you how good it is to hear you two are all right."
"Look, I hate to rush the introductions but I need a report on your situation."

Leon: "I... I just shot the president."

Hunnigan: "What are you-"

Helena: "He had already been infected by the time we found him."
"Leon did what he had to. He saved my life."

Hunnigan: "God help us."
"All right, I'll submit the report."
"You two just focus on getting the hell out of there."
"The virus has already spread three miles past the campus perimeter and it's not slowing down."
"You need to hurry."

Helena: "Not before we check out Tall Oaks Cathedral."
"Agent Kennedy's got a lead that might tell us who's responsible for this."

Hunnigan: "Leon, is that true?"

Leon: "...Yeah. I think I might have something."

Helena: "Roger that. I'll map out the safest access route."
"Keep your radio on."

Leon: "I got a lead?"

Helena: "You will if you come with me."

アメリカ合衆国 トールオークス

Benford (flashback): "B.O.W.sは今や世界の脅威…"
"世界の国々と共に これを根絶する…"
"正義感で 国は動かない…"

Leon: "それ以上 近づかないでください!"

Helena: "私がやったの…"
"この事態を 引き起こした"

Leon: "どういうことだ"

Helena: "トールオークス教会…"

Leon: "…何者だ?"

Helena: "はい…"

Leon: "ハニガン?"

Hunnigan: "良かった"

Leon: "彼女を知ってるのか?"

Hunnigan: "ヘレナ・ハーパー"
"さっそくだけど 状況を伝えて"

Leon: "…大統領を射殺した"

Hunnigan: "何があったの!?"

Helena: "大統領は すでにウィルスに感染していた"

Hunnigan: "なんてこと…"
"大学を中心に 半径3マイル四方が感染"

Helena: "今から トールオークス教会へ向かうわ"
"確かなの? レオン"

Hunnigan: "ああ…らしいな"

Leon: "できるだけ安全なルート を洗い出すわ"

Helena: "回線は 開いておいて"

Leon: "俺が 何を掴んだって?"

Helena: "行けば わかるわ…"