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Deception (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil. It plays during the Chris story.


This cutscene shows Chris meets and have conversation with Wesker in the Guardhouse.


Chris Redfield: Wesker!

Albert Wesker: Chris... You're alive.

Chris: My words exactly. Where's Jill? Aren't you with Jill?

Wesker: I'm sorry. We were attacked by a strange monster. I lost track of her while we were scouting around. I hope she's okay...

Chris: I see. Well, it's not your fault. This place is crazy! If we stay here, all of us will end up dead! What should we do, Wesker?

Wesker: We have to complete this mission. Whether we escape or stay and look for Jill, we don't have many bullets left, and we can't even protect ourselves. We're still in trouble. Chris, there are a lot of locked rooms in that house. Check them out one more time. There must be a place to hide safely. I'll look around the house a little more.

Chris: Okay...

Wesker: Let's get going.

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