Deception is a cutscene in Resident Evil



Chris Redfield: Wesker?

Albert Wesker: Chris... You're alive.

Chris: My words exactly. Where's Jill? I thought you were with her.

Wesker: Yeah, I know. We got separated.

Chris: I see. Anyway, we'd better find a way out of here before we turn into zombie-food. Got any suggestions, Wesker?

Wesker: We should get a better grip... on the situation. There must be areas still to be explored in that other mansion. Chris, I want you to check them out one more time. I'll continue my investigation here.

Chris: Sure thing.

Chris Redfield: "ウェスカー!?"

Albert Wesker: "クリス… 無事だったか!"

Chris: "それはこっちのセリフだ"
"ジルは? 一緒じゃないのか?"

Wesker: "すまなかった…"

Chris: "そうか…"

Wesker: "とりあえずはここから"

Chris: "分かった"

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