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"Destruction, Darkness. We quickly raced forward knowing all too well that each decision we made held newfound hope or endless despair."
— In-game description

Decisions, Decisions, known in the Japanese script as Determination (決意 Ketsui?) is the fifth and final scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak, and takes place in and around the Raccoon University in the last hours before Raccoon City is destroyed.


At a rescue station (which appears to be the R.P.D. underground garage), George Hamilton sees a note from his friend Peter Jenkins, asking for his help at the university. A few hours later, George leads a group of two or three other survivors into the university.

The survivors find Peter, killed by a gunshot to the back of the head. His notes suggest that he was working on an anti-virus called "Daylight", which eliminates the t-Virus infection from the body. A drug synthesizer is said to be located in the third floor lab and the survivors spread out to locate the three components necessary to generate the anti virus.

Meanwhile, a team of mercenaries from the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service encounter Thanatos, an experimental Tyrant created by former Umbrella researcher Greg Mueller, who was instrumental in creating the Daylight anti-virus as a means of combating the t-Virus. Meanwhile, U.B.C.S. operative Nikolai Zinoviev tries to obtain a blood sample from the Tyrant, shooting it with a capsule designed to draw blood into a vacuum tube. The creature resists, and quickly annihilates the groundside U.B.C.S. team before heading back indoors. After the survivors are able to disable Thanatos by luring it under faulty wiring, the capsule falls, enabling them to retrieve it full of T-blood, one of the three components.

The search for the V-poison leads the team down through Raccoon City's subway system and into an emission tower populated by a wasp colony. A pre-collected sample of their poison is recovered on the top floor.

The P-base, a sample of the unaltered Progenitor virus which "t" derives from, is found in a water-processing facility deep under the university, where Hunter γs are being kept.

When finally synthesising the vaccine, the power to the machine is cut. Looking around 3F, they are confronted by Greg. The scientist introduces himself and discusses having them killed by Thanatos. Greg is then shot through the head by Nikolai, allowing the survivors to escape with the "Daylight" sample. Nikolai starts the timer of a series of charges planted around the university.

The harried survivors reach the courtyard as the university is destroyed, and a rescue helicopter circles around to pick them up. Before it can descend to reach them, however, they are forced to deal with the Thanatos, which survived the explosion and has mutated into a 12' tall Super Tyrant. They either kill it with firearms or find an ampule shooter that rests on an abandoned M8 Greyhound armoured car and use it to fire a dose of Daylight into "Thanatos-R". If the latter is chosen, the anti-virus reacts with its contaminated blood and kills it spectacularly. The helicopter then rescues them and they escape the city as it is bombed, with the Daylight in hand and hope for the future.


Too much growth weakens an organization
What should be important becomes overshadowed by greed
Mass-production...? Ridiculous!
One masterpiece is enough.

George: This place, too...

Peter (note): Dear George
I have vital information about the current city crisis, which only you will understand.
I'm waiting at the university.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Peter Jenkins.

George: This is...
Raccoon University. Why there?

a few hours later...
Raccoon university

目先の利益にとらわれ 大事なものを見失う

George: ここもすでに…

Peter (note): ジョージへ

George: これは…



Event Checklist

  1. Set red jewel in stuffed moose.
  2. Set blue jewel in stuffed moose.
  3. Solved Cuckoo Clock Puzzle.
  4. Play Piano on 2F (Cindy).
  5. Pulled string, moved statue arm.
  6. Pulled string, zombie came out.
  7. Use V-Poison in incubator.
  8. Use P-Base in incubator.
  9. Use T-Blood in incubator.
  10. Used Daylight on yourself.
  11. Kill Thanatos R with Daylight.
  12. Defeated Thanatos R.
  13. Routed power to emission tower.
  14. Unlock door with red tag key.
  15. Unlocked water tank area door.
  16. Electrocuted Thanatos.
  17. Thanatos come in through window.
  18. Collected every map.
  19. Used glasses on 2nd statue.
  20. Used card key.
  21. Input elevator code.
  22. Unlock university doors.
  23. Restarted incubator.
  24. Obtained "Geneology Facts."
  25. Obtained "Blood-stained Memo."
  26. Got "Reagent Generation Memo."
  27. Obtained "Section of a Diary."
  28. Obtained "Cable Repair Request."
  29. Obtained "Torn Memo."
  30. Obtained "A Page of Torn Memo."
  31. Obtained "Orders."
  32. Obtained "Peter's Diary."
  33. Obtained "Number Memo."
  34. Watched "Peter Discovered."
  35. Watched "Hunter Gamma Appears."
  36. Watched "UBCS vs Thanatos."
  37. Watched "Greg and Yoko."
  38. Watched "ED: Chopper Zombie."
  39. Watched "ED: George and Cindy."
  40. Watched "ED: Mark and David."
  41. Watched "ED: Kevin and Jim."
  42. Watched "ED: Alyssa and Yoko."
  43. Watched "ED: Regretful Ending."
  44. Watched "ED: Remain Hopeful."


  • George Hamilton - Appears whether part of your team or not. Hamilton is considered to be the canon protagonist.
  • Yoko Suzuki - If she is part of your team, she will be featured in a special scene with Greg.
  • Greg Mueller - A former Umbrella researcher working as a university professor. Assassinated by Nikolai Zinoviev.
  • Nikolai Zinoviev - A monitor-in-charge UBCS member of the failed Operation: Emperor's Mushroom.
  • Gill and Danny - Surviving firefighters; they are searching for fellow survivors in their helicopter.
  • Peter Jenkins - The professor who sent the team to the university; will awaken as a zombie if playing on VERY HARD.


  • During the faux credits of this level and the game, Below Freezing Point is misspelled as 'Below Fleezing Point'. This is because in Japanese, the letters 'r' and 'l' are considered the same, and such mistakes are common in translations.