The deepest part of the mine (鉱山最深部 kōzan sai shinbu?)[1] is an area of Sejm Island. It is exploded by Barry Burton in Episode 4: Metamorphosis.


The Deepest part of the mine is one of the two final stages in Episode 4: Metamorphosis, depending on which ending the player triggered. This area is divided in two main places, one before the boss and another during the boss. If the good ending is triggered, the Cliff will be the next playable stage.


The Hatred of Natalia file can be found in the first area just below where Lottie is seen, there are also two Green Herbs in the same area, one next to the first baby doll and another next to the Workstation. Next to the station, there are various objects that resemble the Flamethrower bust found in the imprisonment zone of the Penal Colony, on the Flamethower that's stuck on the ceiling, an Insect Larva lies on it.

Moving on to the next area, a fight with Monster Alex is started. Her weakness is the orange spot on her chest. Firebomb Bottles and Exploding Bottles are also effective against her. She can shoot out gas projectiles that can kill the player very quickly, if she does this, hurry away from the gas.

Alex is also able to climb into the ducts and appear in different places, this can be good as it leaves her weak spot exposed (since she is looking downwards), but she will keep shooting projectiles at the player which can hurt really bad depending on the difficulty.

Once Alex is defeated, the game will either end (Bad Ending) or proceed to the Cliff area. (Good Ending)


RE Rev2 Deepest part of the mine clean map




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