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(King Fountain BIO HAZARD2 mythos)

Dehne was a police officer who knew Leon before his transfer to Raccoon City. She held feelings for him, which she refused to allow her friends to comment on.


Raccoon City

Dehne later became part of Special Forces Unit Group E.[1] She was the team's long-range sniper.[excerpt 1]

Their group was not initially supposed to be sent into the city. They opposed CENTCOM's plan of simply bombing the city, as it would kill Leon. Umbrella soon after used their connections to the CIA to place an arrest warrant on the five to prevent them threatening the mission. Hacking into a military server, they had swimsuits dropped off at a mooring, and swam across the river into Raccoon City.[2] Dehne brought a sniper rifle in with her to hunt B.O.W.s from a distance, hunting a Licker at one point.[3]

Hunting God

Several months after Raccoon City, Dehne travelled to the artificial island city as a member of the BHST, investigating Umbrella activity and the mysterious Mr. G. Dehne was abducted by Joker, one of Mr. G's agents, and strapped to the roof of a train.[4][5]

Final battle

She was eventually killed by the 'evil' Leon under the control of God, being completely destroyed after taking a Ki blast to the chest.[6]




  1. Excerpt from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9, page 29:
    Long-range sniper (長距離狙撃手 Chōkyori sunaipā?)