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Del Lago (デルラゴ deru-rago?) (Spanish, literally meaning From the Lake) was a massive Plaga-infected amphibian that lived in a lake near a Spanish village.


One of the earlier Plaga experiments by Los Iluminados, Del Lago, was a salamander that became host to a parasite.[1] The organism reacted to its small host by mutating it, increasing its size considerably. It was fed by the disposal of corpses, as seen by Leon S. Kennedy as a pair of Ganados dumped a police officer's corpse in the lake.

Leon first learned of the creature near the church, where a letter notified the ganado that it had been awoken by the Prophet Saddler to guard the lake.

Leon then fought it in a small motorboat anchored in the lake's shores. While Leon was crossing the lake, the Del Lago got hooked on to the boat's anchor. Leon was then pulled on along behind the Del Lago at amazing speeds. After bombarding the beast with nearly a dozen harpoons, the Del Lago began spewing blood in copious quantities, and it succumbed to its injuries, sinking to the bottom of the Lake, nearly bringing Leon with it.



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