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Del Lago is the first boss in Resident Evil 4. It is fought over the Lake in Chapter 1-3.

During the boss fight, the player will have to control the boat that is simultaneously being pulled by Del Lago. Sometimes Del Lago will direct the boat so it will run into debris. The player's only weapon will be an infinite supply of Harpoons. After the battle, another cutscene will play where Del Lago sinks but the rope gets caught around Leon's ankle. The player must complete a quick time event to cut the rope and prevent Leon from being pulled down and drowning.

Del Lago has a health value of 1000HP,[1] and takes ten hits to be killed on Normal mode and twelve on Professional mode.


The following move names and stats are taken from Famitsu's biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho guide.

Move Damage Description
Tsukiotoshi (Thrust Down) (突き落とし?)[note 1] 500HP Del Lago forces the boat into debris
Swallow (丸飲み Marunomi?) Instant Death Del Lago swallows the player when swimming in the water.


  1. Tsukiotoshi is a Sumo move where the attacker drives his opponent down using a thrusting movement on his rib cage or shoulder

Del Lago's moveset is limited to just two moves: tsukiotoshi and swallow. The first move, the "tsukiotoshi", is performed by the salamander's path leading to debris thrashing against the boat, causing Leon to lose balance and fall off. It deals 500HP in damage to Leon.

The second move, "Swallow", is an instant-death move where Leon is swallowed whole. If Leon is knocked off the boat, he is forced to swim back while Del Lago chases him. If Leon fails to get to the boat in time, Del Lago will use this move.


The fight will begin with pieces of debris lined up in the boat's path so players should start by focusing on maneuvering the boat. The best time to throw harpoons is when the monster is swimming in a straight path.

How much health the player has when knocked off determines the distance they are from the boat. For example, in the yellow "Warning" stage, Leon will get knocked further than if his health was green. If there is no health left, the player will be tossed an even greater distance away from the boat and will inevitably fall victim to Del Lago's "Swallow" move before they get back to safety. While swimming, the option to pause and heal is disabled.

Occasionally, Del Lago will swim out of sight and Leon will prepare a Harpoon automatically. The player will then only need to watch the distance and aim the harpoon for when the monster reappears and starts to approach. While this is happening, if Del Lago is out of sight and approaching, red arrows appear on screen to help direct the player's aiming. At least one harpoon must be landed to stop Del Lago from attack, if the player misses, it will attack and knock his boat over resulting in the same effect as if the player hits debris.



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