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Derek was an Umbrella Security Service operator who took part in Operation: NESTWRECKER, a mission to raid Umbrella's NEST facility and retrieve Golgotha from the renegade Dr. William Birkin on 23 September 1998. Derek was attacked by the mutated Dr. Birkin and killed.[1]


Derek's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameSharks. He's a Jim-type character and starts with an Iron Pipe while in the Danger status.

Derek has the following stats:

  • Slow movement speed similar to that of Jim
  • Unusually high vitality for a Jim type. Between 2600 and 3000
  • An attack power similar to that of George Hamilton
  • High infection rate of 1.69% per minute

Further Notes[]

  • Derek is not the only playable character to start the game in DANGER. Bob; Frank, and Hersh also load this way.
  • Derek is not named in the original game, and is instead called "U.S.S. 2".



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