Derek's Goal is a scene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Ada Chapter 4. It is known in the Japanese version as Derek's desire (シモンズの欲望 Shimonzu no yokubō?). Storyboards were drawn by either Takeshi Miyazawa or Yoshihiro Sono, and were published in the BIOHAZARD 6 STORY GUIDE book.


Reaching an office, Ada found a file regarding Carla before she was transformed to her doppelgänger. Simmons wants sustains the world. She found the key of the Quad Tower in Tatchi. When she heard the sound of a helicopter and a gunshot, she came rushing outside and saw Carla fall to her death below.


Derek C. Simmons: "No! No!"
"That's not good enough! That's not Ada Wong!"
"Why won't it work!?"
"Combine the DNA sequence with the cocoon's bio-structure."
"Find another subject!"
"Use Carla for the next pass, she's a close match."
"Be careful what you say around her, I don't want her catching on."
"Yes, yes!"
"This is it!"
"She may have left me, but now I have her back!"
"Happy birthday, Ada Wong!"

Ada Wong: "Now I get it."

Derek C. Simmons: 「違う!」
「なぜ できない!?」
「サナギに 遣伝子データを組み込め!」
「次の実験では カーラを使え背格好も ちょうどいい」
「もちろん彼女には 秘密で…」
「これで あの女を葬れる! ただ一人 私に従わなかった女を!」

Ada Wong: 「そういうこと…」



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