Derek's True Nature is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 4 of Leon Story.


After the two U.S. agents made Kwun Lan Building, they confronted Simmons and the soldiers from The Family he had with him. Only moments later, Sherry and Jake joined the meeting and it was then that Simmons finally admitted his hand in the assassination of the president. Ordering his men to kill Leon and Helena, while sparing Sherry and Jake as he still had use for them, the four are hiding in cover. However, they have a plan that Leon tells Jake to make it through the door and run, along with Sherry. Helena tells them that she and Leon will finish Simmons for good. Sherry then pick up a data chip and show them. She tells them that there is the information on here that could stop the C-Virus as Simmons wants it and then she handed to Leon. Sherry and Jake made their escape, Leon and Helena open fired on The Family agents and Simmons tells his men to alert the other men outside. He then was suddenly assaulted by a stray J'avo, one of Carla's personal soldiers. The J'avo only managed a single shot before Simmons' men killed him, but this single shot had come from a needle gun loaded with a syringe of Carla's newly engineered enhanced C-Virus. Enraged beyond all reason by this betrayal, Simmons attempted to make his escape, stumbling onto a passing train with Leon and Helena in tow behind him.


Helena Harper: "Simmons!"
Derek C. Simmons: "Well, this is unexpected."
Sherry: "No! Wait!"
Simmons: "Ah, Agent Birkin. Impeccable timing. Kindly take these two into custody, won't you?"
Sherry: "They said you were involved in the terrorist attack. Is it true?
Simmons: "What, are they running down the streets, screaming it to anyone who'll listen?"
Sherry: "Answer me!"
Simmons: "It's for the benefit of the United States- and global security."
Leon: "I can't see how killing the president is no good for the country."
Sherry: "The president's dead?"
Simmons: "Well, we have Leon to thank for that."
Helena: "God damn you, Simmons!"
Simmons: "Dispose of them.
Sherry: "No!"
Simmons: "Hold your fire. Those two are still of use to us."
Leon: "You need to be more careful."
Jake: "All right, all right, so what's the plan, hero?"
Leon: "You think you can make it to that door?"
Jake: "Why don't we just waste them?"
Leon: "Because I need you to take care of Sherry."
Simmons: "Can we wrap this up? I do have better things to do."
Sherry: "What are you two gonna do?"
Helena: "Finish Simmons."
Sherry: "There's information on here that could stop the C-Virus. Simmons wants it."
Leon: "Thanks. I'll put a call in FOS, get you some protection. Now move!"
Simmons: "Alert the men outside. She got me. Well played."
Helena: "He's getting away!"
Leon: "Come on!"

Helena Harper: "シモンズ!"
Derek C. Simmons: "これは意外な客だ"
Sherry Birkin: "待ってください!"
Simmons: "シェリー"
"彼らに    ここを教えたのは君か?"
Sherry: "このテロに    あなたが関係しているって本当ですか?"
Simmons: "余計なことまで吹き込まれたか"
Sherry: "答えてください!"
Simmons: "アメリカのため"
Leon S. Kenndy: "それが大統領を殺した理由か…!"
Sherry: "大統領を…!?"
Simmons: "何を言ってる? 殺したのは君だろ?"
Helena: "シモンズ!"
Simmons: "やれ"
Sherry: "やめて!"
Simmons: "あの二人は殺すな"
Leon: "無茶しやがって"
Jake: "こっから先 英雄さんならどうする?"
Leon: "あの扉まで走れるか?"
Jake: "全員ぶっ殺したっていいぜ"
Leon: "シェリーを守ってくれおまえにしかできない"
Simmons: "往生際が悪いぞ"
Sherry: "二人はどうするの?"
Helena: "シモンズと 決着をつける"
Sherry: "この中に シモンズが求める情報が入ってる"
Leon: "わかった"
Simmons: "外の連中に伝えろ"
"考えることは 一緒だったか…"
Helena: "シモンズが逃げる!"
Leon: "追うぞ!"



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