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The Desert Trail Motel incident was an attack on Claire Redfield's convoy by Undead crows at the Desert Trail Motel.


After the beginning of the Global T-Virus pandemic, crows began feasting on the Undead and became infected with the T-virus. As a result, the crows became Undead themselves and began roaming the wastelands of America, hunting down both the living and the Undead to feast on them.

While traveling through the Nevada desert, Claire Redfield's convoy came across the Desert Trail Motel while looking for supplies and possible survivors. While at the motel, Lloyd Jefferson Wayne was bitten by an Undead woman and became infected, a fact that he hid from everyone else. The convoy would ultimately stay the night at the motel rather than moving on right away.


The morning after arriving at the Desert Trail Motel, the members of Claire Redfield's convoy are disturbed to wake up and find hundreds of crows surrounding their vehicles. On Claire's orders, the convoy members roll up the windows of their trucks and stay quiet so as not to draw the birds attention. As a crow perches on the hood of the school bus, K-Mart notices the crows strange eyes and Claire realizes that the crows have been feeding on infected flesh and are now Undead. Just as Claire realizes this, one of the children on the school bus drops an empty can, drawing the attention of the crow on the bus hood, causing it to signal the others.

As the crows start to swarm around, Claire orders everyone to leave, an order everyone complies with. However, Betty's ambulance gets stuck in the sand and she and LJ are forced to make a run for Otto's school bus for safety, managing to make it onboard while firing at the circling crows. This causes the crows to attack the school bus specifically, blocking Otto's line of sight and making him crash into a pole, totaling the school bus. Seeing this, Claire orders Mikey and Carlos to evacuate the bus as Otto and Betty desperately try to keep the crows from getting through the front windows and at the people inside. Several convoy members begin evacuating the children into Mikey's news van while desperately trying to hold the crows off with gunfire. While trying to make it aboard the news van, a young woman is knocked to the ground and pecked to death by the crows. As the bus windows begin to fail, all but one person makes it aboard the news van with the last person running under the bus after having fallen to the ground. As LJ tries to get Betty to leave the bus which the crows are starting to get into, she helps a young boy cowering on the floor to safety as she's pecked by swarming crows. As one of the convoy members attempts to use a flamethrower on one of the trucks on the crows, Betty gets the last child to LJ but sees the front windows fall. In an act of self-sacrifice, Betty shuts the bus' back door with her inside, keeping the crows from getting out and at the people outside through the back. Betty fires at the crows valiantly, but is quickly pecked to death. At the same time, Otto escapes out the front door, but the crows follow him out and peck Otto to death as well.

As the man on the truck tries to use the flamethrower to stop them, the crows attack him, causing the flamethrower to send a blast wild. At the same time, the survivor hiding under the bus tries to run for safety only to be chased by crows. As Carlos tries to help her, the flamethrower blast nearly hits them with Carlos using himself as a shield for the young woman. However, before it can hit them, Alice arrives, having seen the swarming crows from nearby. Alice telekinetically stops the blast in time to save Carlos and the survivor's lives and then uses her telekinesis to redirect the flamethrower blast into the sky, incinerating the swarm of Undead crows.


Alice's use of her telekinetic abilities are detected by the White Queen who alerts Doctor Alexander Isaacs of the development. While Alice had previously been able to keep ahead of Umbrella's ability to track her, her use of telekinesis allows Isaacs to triangulate her position and spy on her through the satellite.

At the same time, Alice shares with the convoy leaders her discovery of a safe haven in Alaska where there is no infection and the convoy survivors could be safe. After a discussion, its decided to try for Alaska but to go to Las Vegas for supplies first. Having triangulated Alice's position, Isaacs is able to predict her next move and set a trap for her and the convoy in Las Vegas.

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