Despair is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the ending to Barry's segment of "Metamorphosis", the fourth level of the game, if the player has achieved the Bad Ending; otherwise, Finding Our Way is the ending to the episode.


Natalia will be squeezed into unconsciousness at the hands of Alex. However, with her eyes started to glow red, she then awakens and slices off Alex's hand, and kills her by pulling out her heart. Watching this, a shocked Barry asks Natalia "what she is" to which she replies that she isn't Natalia but is instead Alex - indicating that Alex's experiment succeeded and she was reborn in the body of Natalia. Natalia walks away while Barry warns her and tries to stop her, but is unable to bring himself to shoot her due to their emotional bond. Barry falling to his knee to his despair and sorrow.


Barry: "Natalia? What are you..."
Natalia (becoming Alex): "Now you can call me..."
Barry: "No. Don't make me do it."
Natalia/Alex "Make you do what, Barry?"
Barry: "God damn it, Natalia!"

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