Desperate Escape was one of the two extra campaign chapters for Resident Evil 5, available as a download.

It was the second story-based DLC for Resident Evil 5 after Jill was freed from her mind control device. It lasted about one to two hours in length, depending on difficulty level and personal skill. The emphasis was more on action with this DLC, rather than atmosphere as it was the case with Lost in Nightmares.

Desperate Escape began within Resident Evil 5 as you took control of Jill (Recently rescued by Chris Redfield) and Josh as they fought their way out of Kijuju's TRICELL facility and it began shortly after the first battle with Albert Wesker in Chapter 5-3, soon after Jill recovered her memory.

This extra campaign chapter did not become playable until the entirety of the core RE5 campaign was completed. Once a player had completed every single chapter in the game, this bonus chapter was unlocked.

It was also included in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and remastered re-release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, along with all of the other extra DLC.


Josh entered the Monarch Room and found a collapsed Jill Valentine. He helped her to her feet and the two met. Josh explained that he was here to help Chris and Sheva and he had a helicopter waiting on the other side of the mountain range. The two took an elevator down to the dock area from which Wesker escaped.

Once there, the door was locked and they could not progress. One of the Majini dropped the transport area key and the two carried on. Another door was barricaded. Josh gave Jill a boost and she removed the metal bar blocking the door. Continuing on, Josh and Jill received a call from Doug. Doug met Jill on this call and he promised to wait for her with open arms. When trying to leave the area, they came across another locked door. The two were attacked by either a Chainsaw or a Gatling Gun Majini. After overcoming the enemy, they obtained the emergency exit key and progressed. They entered a train yard/construction area and the alarms sounded, triggering the real chaos. Jill told Josh that she had to go to the communications facility in order to tell Chris how to defeat Wesker. Josh was willing to go since the helicopter was in the same direction. Pushing forward, Jill and Josh noticed a heavy gate blocking their path. They decided to use the Majini's weapons, a mounted rocket launcher to blow the door down. Once the path was cleared, they proceeded to the next area at the heart of the Tricell facility.

In this area, Jill and Josh had to take two more heavy gates down in order to reach the facility. They used one of the mounted launchers, which led them to the second launcher giving them access to the front entrance of the Tricell communications facility. Once they reached the second launcher, they blew the final heavy gate down and made their way to the entrance of the facility. Once there, two Majini took control of more mounted launchers and things got chaotic. Jill and Josh made their way up a ramp that led them to another barricaded door. At the other end, Josh boosted Jill up so she could make her way to the door and unbar it. They realized that the bridge was out and they contacted Doug. Jill told Doug that there was a landing pad on the roof of the communications facility and Doug agreed to meet them there. Jill and Josh entered the building.

They discovered a radio with which they could call Chris. Jill explained that an overdose of the PG67A/W serum should act as a poison against Wesker. The radio was jammed and Chris and Jill got disconnected. Jill and Josh made their way up to the building's rooftop with the hopes of Doug awaiting them. They realized that Doug was not there, and they were suddenly attacked by the hordes of Majini. Josh contacted Doug and let him know that he was on his way.

Attacked by the flying Kipepeo, Doug informed Jill and Josh that he had to make a detour. After holding out for a few more minutes, they were once again contacted by Doug who had visual contact on their position. Fighting off horde after horde, Doug finally arrived and landed on the helipad. Jill and Josh made a run for the helicopter until an unsuspecting Jill was blown back by a rocket explosion. Josh helped Jill up and got her to the helicopter. Doug came out of the helicopter and provided cover fire for the two. Doug helped Jill onto the pad as Josh fought more Majini off. Josh climbed onto the pad and helped Jill onto the helicopter. As Doug made his way back to the helicopter, he was blown up by a heat-seeking missile. Josh flew the helicopter as Jill provided cover fire. Jill located and killed the Majini with another heat-seeking missile. As the two flew away, Josh mourned his friend's death and insisted on aiding Chris and Sheva in their final showdown with Albert Wesker, so Doug's death would not be in vain. Jill agreed and the two flew to Chris and Sheva's position.


The enemies that Josh and Jill encounter and at what point they encounter them are randomly selected. Throughout Desperate Escape you can potentially fight the Town Majini (Mini-bosses being Executioners in the 2nd act, Chainsaw Majini in the 1st and 3rd act and Chain Gun Majini in the 3rd act) or the Base Majini (Mini-bosses being Chain Gun Majini in the 1st act, Reapers in the 2nd and 3rd act and Red Executioners in the 3rd act)


Chris: "Jill!"
"Are you all right?"
Jill: "Chris... I'm so sorry..."
Chris: "It's OK."
Jill: "You're Sheva... right?"
Sheva: "Yes."
Jill: "I couldn't control my actions, oh, but God I was still aware. Forgive me."
Sheva: "It's alright."
Jill: "Thank you."
"Listen. I'm gonna be alright. You two need to stop him."
Chris: "We just can't leave here!"
Jill: "You have to. This is your only chance! If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will
be spread across the globe! Millions will die!"
Chris: "Well yeah, but--"
Jill: "I'm alright! You need to stop them!"
"Chris! You're the only one who can! Before it's too late."
"Don't you trust your partner?"
Chris: "Alright."
Jill: "Take care of him."
"You're our only hope to survive this."

Josh: "Hey. Can you hear me? Are you alright?"
"Good. You are awake."
"Wait a minute, you are Jill Valentine!"
Jill: "How... Who are you?"
Josh: "Captain Josh Stone, BSAA West Africa Branch."
"I've got to say, I never thought that I would get the chance to meet you."
Jill: "Thanks."
"So what are you doing here?"
Josh: "I'm looking for my comrades, Sheva and Chris. Have you seen that?"
Jill: "Yeah. They both went after Wesker. He's on the tanker."
Josh: "I saw one anchored offshore. Do you know where they are headed?"
Jill: "Yeah, but it's already left. It's too late to get it now."
Josh: "It's never too late. I got a helicopter waiting and I'm going after Sheva."
Jill: "You got room for one more?"
Josh: "There's always room for a beautiful lady."
Jill: "I bet you say that to all the girls."
Josh: "Just the pretty ones. Come on, let's go."


Further notes

  • All Majini encountered during Desperate Escape appear to have no eyes. This may be a glitch or a development error.
  • Unused dialogue can be found within the game files where Jill questions Josh on the exact nature of his relationship with Sheva. Josh tells Jill it's not what she thinks, as Sheva is more like a sister to him.



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